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Debby, did you bring your babies home today??

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I saw in another thread that this is the day you bring home Merlin & Peaches. How are they? Are they home yet?

wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you
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Oh AirPrincess....wish I knew your real name
Thank you for starting this thread!!!!!!
It really makes me feel how much you care!!!

YES!!! I brought BOTH my babies home today....I was going to post it in the "Im miss Merlin" thread, but haven't gotten there yet...it was so nice to see this thread about it!!!!!!

Merlin was thrilled to be home!!!!!!! I also had the vet give him a rabies shot before we left...I am not taking anympore chances on anything happening to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Peaches is so happy to be home, she keeps rubbing up against all the other cats, and is annoying the crap out of them!!!!! LOL

I am so happy my babies are home safe with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your concern!!!!!!!!!!!!
It means the world to me!!!!!!!
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so glad you're babies are back home with you where they belong!!!

BTW...my name is Colby :flash:
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Colby.....I thank you so much for your concern!!!!!!!!! You seem like someone I would love to have as a friend, even beyond the catsite. Where do you live again? Maybe we could talk on the phone sometime like Catarina and I have....it really makes the friendship even stronger to put a voice with it!

Do you have aim (aol instant messanger) by any chance?
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I am so happy they are both home safe and sound. I am sure Merlin was happy to have his lap back!! Did they have to spay peaches?
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Glad they are both home safe and sound. You sound so happy. I know what it's like to leave them at the vet. I had to do it and hated it. BTW, I too am on AOL so if you ever when to IM, let me know. Hugs to all the babies.

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Sandie... the vet said Peaches needs to be spayed...which I will do, but he thought she had already been through so much and is still in some pain, he thought I should wait a month or so, till she is healthier to be spayed.
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I was just wondering because of the trauma. They usually spay to decrease the risk of infection. I just cant imagine what she went through. I am just glad they are both okay. I hope I didnt imply you should have had it done.
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No.... I didn't think you implied anything...I just thank you for your concern!!! It means alot to me!!!
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i am glad Merlin & Peaches are both back at home where they
should be, with their mom

it's good to see you sounding so cheery once again!
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Debby; Let me convey how happy I a that peaches and Merlin are home. I know you have not stopped doating on them since
you got them home!!!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you, that you've Merlin and Peaches home with you again! I'm sure they're thrilled as well!

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Fantastic news to hear that both of your babies are home safely!!! Now that's what I call a Mother's Day gift!
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I am so happy they are both home! That was some week for you poor Debby! I hope you can now get some peace and enjoy quiet times with your babies.
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I do have an IM name. it's airprincess (go figure! ) I'm only on during work hours, but since I'm at work alot I'm on quite a bit. mondays especially, I'm usually there until 8:30 my time. oh ya I'm in Maryland. so I think I'm 2 hours ahead....you're in Iowa, right? what is your email address? mine is ccc@aircompetition.com

I would love to talk to you sometime!
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