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I can't go back

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Spartakiss, by new cat, really needs to go into the vet for a checkup, but ever since Zorro was pts, I can't go into a vet clinic. Every time I even think about going in, I get very upset and nervous, and I start to feel sick. I don't know what to do. I just keep seeing Zorro, dieing in my arms, and I wonder if I'll ever be able to go back into a vet clinic again.
Right now its not urgent that Spartakiss goes in, but he really does need to see a vet soon, and I just keep thinking about what would happen if one of them got sick and needed to go in. I know I just wouldn't be able to take them.
Is anyone else here scared to go into a vet clinic?
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Oh yes. I had a Dalmation for 15 years and we had to PTS.... It was very sad but even the vet told us we didn't have a choice, this was the best option for her. I did the same thing you did, held her while she died in my hands. The first year of going back in there it was really tough for me, but I just remember all the good times, and all the good times with the new furbabies.
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The first vet visit with BooBoo was very traumatic after Glitch was PTS. When I walked in, all the people there looked at me and were so nervous to upset me. I had to tell myself that I love BooBoo too and he deserves the vet visit to help with his mourning also... Good luck to you, let us know how it goes and if theres anything we can do to help
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I'll mnove this to care and grooming because Spartakiss isn't ready for the bridge yet

It must be hard, but if he does need to see a vet soon it doesn't mean it's going to be bad
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I thought I was going to be OK when I took Abby in the first time, but I starting crying while talking to one of the techs. Thankfully we did not end up in the same examination room. The last time I took Abby, we did end up in the same examination room, but I was OK.

If your kitty has to go in, it's OK to have a little cry about it while you are there. The people working there will understand and you are going to have to get past this obstacle sooner or later.
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I feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only one who has had this problem. I know that I eventually will have to go back, and I'm hopping that I will be able to go in. I keep calling and making an appointment, then cancelling it the day before I have to go in. Thats when I thought about maybe going to a different vet, but I love the vet I have know, and it still gives me that same uneasy, sick feeling.
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