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In Australia, safe and sound!

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We're here! It was an uneventful 14 or so hour flight, and the first thing I noticed when we walked out of Sydney airport was the humidity! I forgot what humidity was like... It was hot, and the humidity absolutely sapped us. After that I thought "gee, the Aussie accent is so much more harsh sounding than I remember".

Last night we sat outside eating dinner - it didn't get dark until after 8:30 I think, although I was asleep by then, so I can't quite remember! I really love the Australian sounds and realised how much I missed them! There was rainbow lorikeets chattering, kookaburras singing, magpies calling. I love those sounds

This is a rainbow lorikeet:

A bunch of them were hanging around because my aunts neighbour feeds them. She put some apple out, and about 20 of them came down to eat the apple. One in particular was very brave. He was hopping around my feet, and I just had my arm out holding a glass of wine. He actually flew up and landed on my arm, then started tapping at my wine glass with his beak trying to get to the wine. Then the cheeky little thing figured out that didn't work and before I knew it, he had his head IN my glass helping himself to my wine! I jumped and shooed him away, and he sat up on the wall licking his beak. I think he liked my Chardonnay

The plan for today is to go shopping and get some more hot weather clothes
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Glad you arrived safely! What are you doing up so early? You should be sleeping in!

Love the bird. He's gorgeous. I wish we had colourful birds like that where I live.
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So glad you guys got there safely, Sarah! Have fun!

Those colors are AMAZING!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Glad you arrived safely! What are you doing up so early? You should be sleeping in!

Love the bird. He's gorgeous. I wish we had colourful birds like that where I live.
I love lorikeets, they are so pretty, and sound so cool

I've been awake since 5:30am - that's 10:30am US time. My body clock is still adjusting - only arrived yesterday! I got a good 8 hours sleep though. DH left for work by 7am. He was excited because he's never even conscious by then normally. And because it's Sunday in the US still, he'll get heaps done.

And I discovered I need to get compression stockings for the flight home - my ankles got really swollen from the flight and are still feeling stiff today!
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How lucky to be in Australia! Been there 2x and I am a bird watcher. Favorite bird sighting ? 1st time there hubby and I we eating al fresco on Magnetic Island. Some Kookaburra came to sit on the railing and the waitress proceeded to bring them strips of prime sirloin. Seriously, I think that they were eating better than we were. But those birds, they took the meat pieces and pounded them to kill them before they ate them.
2nd time in Australia we took Mom and our then 5-year old daughter. Jen and I were in the back seat while hubby drove us into old Sydney Town. A yellow-tailed black cockatoo flew in front of the car. I did one of those Abbot and Costello things where I was speechless (yeah, hard to imagine). This is a 2' bird - can't miss it! Well, apparently hubby and Mom did. Jen said, "Grandma, did you see that big birdie?"
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Glad you made it safe and sound Sarah! That WAS one cheeky bird!
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I'm glad that you made it safe & sound! Enjoy yourselves!
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Back safe and sound on home turf!! Have a great time.
What a very pretty bird too.
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Glad you got here safe and sound! I've got a soft spot for crimson rosellas, wattlebirds and choughs (they're such funny birds)
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Oh man, the bird!

Glad you made it safely.....take more pics for us!
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That pic of the bird wasn't mine, it was one I found. I can't upload pics at the moment. We're visitign a friend with a year old Bengal and an Australian Spotted Mist (gorgeous breed!!) on the weekend, so will get pics then and try to upload after that.
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Oh how funny! I can't imagine a bird doing that!

Glad you made it safe and sound! Have a great time!!!
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Dont you love waking up to the sounds of nature? I absolutely did, especially out in Diggers Rest. I noticed in Bulleen it isnt as nice as it used to be, but it was beautiful waking up to the birds singing!

*sigh* i want to come home already
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How nice of you to check in with us. Glad you arrived safely and happily, even though tired.

That is a beautiful bird. Can't wait to see more photos.
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