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Nail Clipping Q

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I've only started clipping Seamus's nails regularly recently, mainly because it took nearly two years for him to get comfortable enough to be handled by me, so yes, he went two years without clipping, and his nails honestly never got all that sharp, never got caught, etc. He scratched the rug in the dining room a lot and I think that groomed his nails fairly well up until now. The vet clipped his nails for the first time in August, and I started to notice soon after that they get sharper faster, so I began the daunting task of grabbing him and clipping once every week or two. He sits still better now than he did the first few times, which is a relief

What I did notice today, since I've been clipping regularly, his nails grow fast and now that they have been trimmed, they need to be trimmed, where before they didn't overgrow or get too sharp. The other day, he did his usual attack of my leg to surprise me, and he left a fairly deep gash, which has never happened before, and he always has pounced at my legs. Is that possible that clipping them has actually 'weakened' them in the sense that now they need to be groomed where before he was fine without it? Maybe he's scratching the carpet to groom himself less because I'm doing it for him? Other posts I've read about nail clipping seem to show that some people trim regularly and some have never done it... so I was just wondering if what I'm noticing is valid.
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I have noticed the same thing. I never clipped my cats' claws until a few years ago, and they were never a problem. Then I adopted a 5 year old cat who had always had her claws clipped regularly. With her, I found that I have to keep them trimmed or she gets caught on fabric, accidentally scratches me, etc. I really do think that once you start clipping, you have changed things so that you have to keep on doing it.
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