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Holiday Memorial Thread for our RB babies

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It's that time of year when we think of the things that are important to us and reflect on the year that has passed. I thought I would start this thread for people to post their holiday greeting to their sorely missed pets. Feel free to post on pets that have gone missing and never returned to you also. Of course, if you want to make your own thread you can do that.

Ziggy went in October 07

You were only with us for 1 Christmas Ziggy, and I'm really missing you this year. I want you to climb the tree and knock it over. I'm thinking of you always and have a candle lit for you. I also have a toy on the tree that you had in your stocking last year.

I love you Ziggy,

Merry Christmas baby xx
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I just realized this will be my first Christmas without my sweet Metallica I never thought about it till now. It will be so strange. I've been out of the house for three years now and Metallica was alway happy to see me home. I was the only one she would sit with, and she wouldn't leave my lap any time I visited. I'm going to miss her this year

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I lost my sweet Glitch November 16th 2007 at 2:35pm. You never even got to see thanksgiving or Christmas. I was looking forward to you climbing the tree and poking your little face out, I hope you have a christmas tree where you are at, I miss you terribly, not a day goes by that I dont think of you constantly, you were my baby, my third born son. Truely the baby of the family! I love you lots baby boy!
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This time of year is special partly because it marks the birthday of my very first kitty, Tinsel. Her full name was Christmas Tinsel. I lost her 11 years ago now, but she is in my heart forever.

This makes the 6th Christmas without my best friend, Glory. She left me suddenly. But sometimes I feel she knew I could not take watching her suffer. She was truly the my best friend.

Tiger has now passed 5 years ago and I do miss that crazy cat! She was the most lovable girl.

Last night I had a dream about Glory and Tiger. I woke up with a chill over it and it's kept them on my mind all day.
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Prayers to all these kitties lost
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I lost my Simba this year on March 9. I hope he is enjoying Christmas with all the Rainbow Bridge animals.
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Mouse will have been gone to the bridge for 3 years on 12/28... she became ill right as the break began, & was gone 10 days later.
this is her, on 12/18/04

with baby Cable, that same day

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Mickey has only been gone 6 weeks and it seems like forever Its so hard I am still calling some of the other cats his name. I miss you buddy and so does Dad. I like to think that you healthy and fine and I hope that you are ...We Love you and Miss you so much Mickey
I wish I could hold you one more time such a Sweet quite boy you were I hope there's lots of treats there for all of you Sweet Ones ..
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I was only gifted with one Christmas with my sweet Davidson He passed in March 07. He loved Christmas, he loved sitting on the packages and trying to open them He loved playing in the tree & the ornaments

I'll be missing you this year, angel baby, I know you'll be watching down on us, as always

Love you angel face-
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This will be the first Christmas in 13 years without my Rusty, don't know if I'll miss him, Rurnt or Gizzy the most!
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Babygirl has been gone from my life 5 years now. I will always love her forever. She will always be my Babygirl I was so very lucky to have her in my life.
I love you my sweet angel

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My dear Sphinx has been an angel for almost 3 1/2 years this Christmas and we still miss him very much (even his companion Kuce - who came home with him - still misses him). He was (along with Kuce) the first cats I have had.

We love you sweet boy.

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Jasmine, you've been gone only 7 months, alot has changed, and moving house is going to be hard knowing we came here with two kitties, and will only be leaving with one.

You were the first calico we'd ever had, you were a blend of all the other kitties we had since i was little. You were psychotic but cute. You would flip under the couch flipping your sharp claws out, but as soon as someone put a hand on your belly, you'd turn to mush. You were so crazy and entertaining. You had only two Christmases with us. This year is going to be not as colourful without having you knocking all the decorations off the tree and making a mess trying to rip into the wrapping paper.

Charlie misses you alot, he went through a huge stress and transition, we didn't even realise you liked eachother! I hope you are up there with the RB brothers and sisters who lived here before you came along. I miss you alot, you were such a special girl. One day we may get another kitten, and love it like we loved you, but know none of them can ever replace you.

I love you Jazzy
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I might as well put the rest of my babies I lost recently up here too.

Kitten, you died suddenly, only one day after you got sick, you died in my arms. I never even made it to the vet with you to have you PTS. You didn't leave until I managed to calm myself down and tell you it was okay for you to go... You left then. I was a block away from the vet! I miss you terribly, you were a good girl, weather or not you hid when anyone else was here, you were my kitten, only ever liked me... I liked that. This will be my first Christmas without you and you only got to live for 2 christmases. I miss you baby girl... When you left I got another kitty for Glitch to play with.. His name was Mooca. He was a beautiful little boy, Mooca and Glitch became the best of friends. When Glitch got sick, You saved his life by keeping him warm by laying directly on top of him. You never got to see a single holiday. When I took Glitch to the vet in the middle of the night because he was sick, you were fine, when I got home from dropping him off, you were very sick. I picked you up and took you to the vet also. They kept you overnight, then decided they needed to keep both of you another night. When I went into visit you they told me you were gone, and handed me a box. It was you, You were gone. I miss you very much Mooca! I hope you are playing with Kitten, Glitch & Tissy over the bridge. Glitch only lasted a couple months after you left... I hope you introduced him to everyone!

Tissy-September 3rd 2005
Kitten-September 3rd 2007
Mooca-September 17th 2007
Glitch-November 16th 2007

I will miss my babies forever, I LOVE YOU GUYS!
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My Moo Moo Sha Sha passed in May, remembering her when was soooo sweeet.

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I lost my BLACK in October of this year, this will be our first Christmas without him. I will miss you laying under the tree batting at the Christmas balls and even breaking a few. I love and miss you always.
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We miss you Buddy! It will be our 2nd Christmas without you but feels like the first since we moved to Mom's. I miss you greeting us at the door and plopping down in front of us. I miss your long MEOW when we entered the room. RIP & Merry Christmas my Teddy Bear.
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This is my first Christmas without Stormy who died on Dec 5th. I miss Patches who died on Thanksging Nov 26 1998. Butterscotch Valintines Day 1993. They were young Cats too. Patches was 6 and Butterscotch was 4. I used to save ferals and those were the ones we save as Kittens and kept. I miss Stripe,Lucy,Whiskers,Patches,Manx,Mittens and all the others we lost. I have a Angel Cat on my tree.
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I still miss my Kitt who died in Febuary of 03 from cancer. She was my E-MAIL inspector and my companion when I watched JUDGE JUDY.
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This is for my dear, sweet Bo who passed on July 17th, 2007 at 17 years of age. Bo was a Christmas present kitten, and the sweetest cat I've ever known. I miss you so much.
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I have only seen this, so many of mine have gone, the majority only had one Christmas here

Charlie was only here for 9 weeks, she never got to see a Christmas here.
Tig had one Christmas, this is the 4th one without her.
Snowy also only had one, I was told 3 days before Christmas there was nothing more we could do for her cholangiohepatitis, she went on teh 4th Jan, I just got New Year with her.
George was a foster who I only had a month, he went in Nov, so didn't get a Christmas here.
Blackie had just shy of 8 weeks here, so another one who didnt get a Christmas here - both her and George were taken on knowing they had limited time.
Ginger had 4 years here, so had 4 here, this is the second without him, and his loss has been the hardest of the lot.
This is also the second without Pebbles, I lost her the week before Christmas last year. She had a month short of 2 years here, so only had the one Christmas.
And then last month, I lost Tiger (the only one not in my siggy), she again only had one Christmas here.

RIP all of you, love you all lots and miss you loads.
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RIP Scruffy, Winter 2000. I wish I could say you are alive, but I know in all truth you probably aren't. for when I finally see you again!
RIP Squeaklet, June 2007. I wish I could say you are alive too, but like Scruffy, I'm facing the facts and realizing that you'll never come back. I'll see you again someday!
RIP Sunflower, December 16, 2007. I didn't know you were sick until I was told you passed. You were my honey, my baby over Ditto, help him make it through his ordeal.

I love you all, babies. Play nice over the Rainbow Bridge!
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