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Syringing Water

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My cat has had bladder problems pretty much his whole life - no plugs, no stones, no crystals, rare bacteria, sometimes RBC, rare WBC - mostly just inflammatory and no infection. He eats Science Diet Light Dry and I feed him canned food which I mix with water to give him more water. He certainly doesn't drink a lot of water, so I've been syringing him with water lately to see if I can dilute his urine. Any thoughts on how many CCs I should be syringing him to make any difference in his intake?
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I would suggest that instead of syringing water down him, you just make his wet food into a type of guel and mix more water in it. Sometimes, when you try and get a cat to drink water using a syringe or dropper, you can inadvertently cause some damage, not always, but sometimes and it always better to give them some sort of broth or flavored water in a bowl that they will lap up willingly then force water down their throat.
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Once I bought a DrinkWell fountain, my cat who never drank water and who was always having URIs, started drinking lots of water. We haven't had another health problem since then.

Perhaps having running water available for him will solve the problem.
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Holy cow! How ironic is this. I just got home from Petco to check my messages. You'll never guess what I bought? A Drinkwell fountain. My ears must have been burning when you replied to my message. Wish me luck. I haven't put it out yet.
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How funny! I guess I must have been sending you ESP messages! :laughing:

I hope it makes your guy drink more.
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