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A success story!

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A month or so ago my brother and his wife decided to get 2 cats for their young boys (4yo and 5.5yo). After visiting the local shelter and answering several newspaper ads, the boys finally decided on a ~2 mo old male (Lucky) and a ~1 yr old female (Tabby).

A few days later, one of her coworkers stopped by with another ~2 mo old male (Snowflake) since she knew they had been looking for cats. She had driven a few hours to get the kitten from one of her relatives so my brother couldn't refuse the kitten and they ended up with 3 cats.

From the get go the 2 kittens played together while Tabby pretty much did everything she could to ignore them. Because of this, they had considered giving me Tabby since I was also looking for another cat.

However, after the first 7-10 days, Tabby warmed up to the kittens and has now officially adopted them as her own! Not only does she groom them daily, but she even lets Lucky try to nurse from time to time (which doesn't accomplish much, obviously). However, she still gets annoyed with their constant playing and will occasionally "disappear" for a bit.
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That is such a sweet story. Big sisters are like that. They tolerate, love and then get annoyed by little brothers.
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Oh, I'm so glad Tabby is now getting along with the kittens! It doesn't surprise me that she "hides" at times...kittens have so much energy, but it seems like they are getting along fine! Congrats on a happy family!
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Here's part of an email I just got from my mom:

"When Becky cleans Snowflake's eyes and puts in medicine, he mews piteously. Tabby gets concerned and comes over to check him out--just to be sure. Lucky also shows signs of being concerned."

Becky is my sister-in-law. She said Snowflake has a URI.

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Here's another email I just got from Mom:

"Tonight the boys went running to Becky to tell her to come quick, Lucky was bleeding. She found him under the boys' table in the living room. She couldn't find an apparent reason so called the vet. He makes housecalls. The result is they think he got caught under the recliner--bloody nose and his two long teeth punctured his bottom lip. $50 but worth it. At least he wasn't more seriously hurt. The vet said to keep him in the carrier overnight. No one thinks that will work! We'll see. Hopefully he'll stay away from the recliner now but----"
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