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Ghost Kitties?

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Yesterday something freaky happened. My sister and my cousin were both walking down the hall together in my house and they both claim to have seen Sassy race around the corner, and down the hall. At the end of the hall are some stairs and they said they could even hear the soft thuds of her feet running down them. Apparently when it happened they both looked at each other and said in unison "did you see that?" They immediately came down stairs and told me what they saw, my first reaction would have been that it was probably Bean and they had mistaken the two, but Bean was downstairs with me the entire time. For those of you that don't know Sassy was a former stray who I adopted, she was diagnosed with cancer in October, and passed away just last month.

I don't really know what to think about her sighting, I kind of want to believe she just stopped in for a visit Has anyone else had a kitty come back to visit them?
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Yep my first cat Mitten has visited a few times He died in 1983.
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I swore I saw might cat Ziggy a few times out of the corner of my eye, but it was probably just my mind playing tricks of what used to be familiar to me Someone seeing it that doesn't live there is a totally different story
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I have My sweetie Toffi-boy came back to visit me and keep an eye on his brain-damaged sister while she was sick. I was living in an apartment with three cats in it at the time (not including Miv, the resident ghost-kitty, whom we saw frequently). Mille, Bootie and Toffi. Two weeks after Toffi passed over the bridge, Bootie got really sick with a fever. I came home from work to pick her up and assess if she should have a second look at the vet. When I came in the door, all THREE cats were lying on the bed together. Toffi was as clear as day, and it wasn't until I was back at work that I realised that he was no longer with us. It was just so clear and normal. Several times we could hear him pad through the apartment on the wooden floors when the other two cats were fast aslee on the bed. He would appear as a small grey-blue fuzz drifting through the livingroom and once or twice even miaowed. The last time I saw him, he was nosing Bootie to see that she was well again. He appeared with Miv and both little smudges walked through the apartment. I don't think they're in the same plane, Miv still hangs around and comes back from time to time. Toffi never came back. But the fact that my flatmate and I both saw him at the same time counts for something, not just minds playing tricks. My boyfriend even swore he saw a "Blue cloudy catty thing" ( ) pad through the kitchen in front of him.
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My boyfriend swears that his RB Cat comes back to visit. Sometimes he sees Cato out of the corner of his eye, or feels him jump up on the sofa or bed. And he does not have other cats.
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omg this thread gives me the softest, warmest fuzzies
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Yes, I've had a kitty back for a visit. A long time ago I adopted a cat which turned out to also have cancer. She has been rehomed five times and eventually settled with me but had sadly passed away within 6 months.

In the next few weeks my brother ( a real bruiser who would never admit to anything sentimental ) my mum and I had all seen her in the house.

We reckoned that her spirit was not ready to go to the other side just yet as she died prematurely in the only home she had been happy in.

It was a real comfort when she came back and I only hope my old 23 year old cat Smudge who I lost last week comes back to say hello too.

I read somewhere that your grief at losing your pet can prevent them moving on to their spiritual home so we must try hard not to grieve and hold on to them too much. Easier said than done.
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yes! I have had that happen a few times. The first time was when I took in a beautiful 1wk old kitten someone dumped off in our yard, I brought her inside and was walking down my hall and I SWEAR I saw my old cat Buddy jump out of the wall, and he looked up at me, meowed and then ran and jumped at the wall and was gone.. I started crying - we lost him 8 years ago when he was just 6 months old from a dryer accident my father didn't see him jump in there when he was putting clothes in..and we found him after the laundry had already run and he was gone. my father was an absolute mess, he is still ridden with guilt about the whole thing.

anyway though, I've seen Buddy one other time after that, which was after we moved, I was walking down the hall and he suddenly was running towards me, meowed again and was gone. It was so real that I jumped when I saw him running towards me because I thought he was gonna run into me.

I also saw our 5yr old white persian, Belle, last year. I was shutting the freezer door and she was walking out of the kitchen to the hall, and I again started crying. She disappeared in 2005, absolutely no trace of her. I put up flyers everywhere and we put out a full fledged search for her. when I saw her, it was closure that she was gone for me.....but it still hurt like heck
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I have not been unlucky enough to lose a furbaby that I was close to yet..thank goodness. I like to think they can visit when they are at RB though
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Originally Posted by devonbelle View Post
We reckoned that her spirit was not ready to go to the other side just yet as she died prematurely in the only home she had been happy in.

The same thought crossed my mind about Sassy too. She had been a stray for so many years, and finally had a home she loved. She had only been here a few months, was diagnosed with cancer, and passed on shortly after. I would love to think that she liked it here so much that she just didn't want to leave quite yet.
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