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Oh no, worried!

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Just over a year ago I lost a cat to what we gathered was FIP (read here).

So call me paranoid but another cat (Stella) who is now about 3.5 seems to have the same sort of hard belly as Charlie had before she passed. Stella has not been a playful cat for probably about 2.5 years (she only plays on very rare occasions), and has always been a cat who just lies around all day (especially now that it is extremely cold here).

But the hard belly concerns me... she's still peeing regularly and she is having regular stools (2x a day it seems) and eats probably a cup a day of food (if I feed her any less she just follows me around meowing all day)... nothing different about her stools except that they are more potent due to Authority changing their formula (which sucks when you're out of the previous food and can't mix it).

She still bathes herself regularly (87 times a day, it seems... probably 3 times in the past hour sitting on my bed! She probably thinks my hands are sooo dirty when I pet her).

She hasn't been in contact with any other cat since my mom took KittyGirl back in April... I did help get some free cats for my friend... they had fleas for sure (and I made sure to get flea treatment for Stella just in case, even though THEY didn't see each other, but I was an intermediary)... not sure that they could have had anything I would have been able to transfer to her... and they seem like healthy, playful kittens.

Anything I should really be concerned about right now? Am I just being a paranoid mommy? I have no job and with the Christmas season, things are extra super tight before loans come in in January so I cannot afford the vet right now
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Many of the vets offer a credit card type play so that you can make payments.Find a vet that offers this ,sign up online you are approved in seconds. Its very easy and offer no interest plans .

Than make an appointment for your kitty.
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Originally Posted by bob66 View Post
Many of the vets offer a credit card type play so that you can make payments.Find a vet that offers this ,sign up online you are approved in seconds. Its very easy and offer no interest plans .

Than make an appointment for your kitty.
Yes there is such a thing and I used it when I got mine fixed and declawed. It's called Care Credit and I not only use it for my cats, but when I have to get dental work done myself, I use it too. However, be careful because I think there has to be a minimum amount charged to qualify for the no-interest plan.
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Is her belly enlarged like Charlie's was, or is it just hard or taut? Also, is this a change from the norm, or is it possible she's always been like this? I would also suggest weighing her to see if her weight has changed.
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No, it hasn't always been like that. Like, it's not visibly large (she's a big fur ball)... it's harder than it was. maybe not as hard as Charlie's was, but hers increased in hardness as the days went on.

I am not really thinking it's the same thing; just wondering what else it could be (besides worms, which I don't see in her stools). arrr.
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You may not always see worms in the stools. You could have a fecal done, or if you could see if the vet would give you a dewormer prophylactically. The change in the formula of her food could also be contributing to some bloating or digestive issues, especially since you mentioned her feces have been smellier.
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She could just be backed up a little bit, even if she is still going twice a day she could still get constipated by not being able to pass enough.
When Glitch had FIP his stomach got bigger, rounder and looked distended. It only got hard when he got so big he couldn't move or groom himself. Im wish the others though, you have to find a way to get him to the vet!! There might be treatment options now that would be easier and cheaper in the long run! Im praying its not the "F word"
No cat should have to go through that. Its just not fair!
Also has there been any stress for him recently? New house, new kitties, any change at all? My Kitty was sick his whole life but didn't get the FIP until he got stressed out!! I really hope he gets better! Good luck! Keep us posted!
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No added stress... No one new hanging out here... In fact, even I rarely leave here now since school's nearly out (reading days and final schedule mean I am home more than with a regular school schedule)... No new animals around...

I am beginning to think it's the formula of the new food, and I think I may write or call the company. They should know better than to just randomly change their formula!!!!
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The forumulas didnt change that much .... actually just a bit more meat and no digest
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I have an FIP kitty at home and her belly isn't hard or taut. It's enlarged but with fluid, so it sorta feels like a water balloon. Also kitty would have a high fever and would probably be losing her appetite.

do you have any way to take kitty's temp? you can use the digital ones (with a sleeve of course) as a rectal thermometer. normal temp for kitties is 100-102.
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Taking kittys temp is a good Idea! They would have a fever right around 104-105 is what I think most FIP kitties run! I would take temp, and be more worried that an organ is swelled up! If its hard, it could be a swollen organ! All the same, VET!
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I agree, vet.

Chloe's fever bounced between 104 and 106 for two weeks or more...
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