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One Cool Cat.

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He might be clever but I am not sure I would have him living in my house
Intresting reading though.
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I've read the whole thing and was thinking to myself before the vet quoted that I thought alot of animals can do these things. No-one has just ever been in this siuations where there are so many deaths and a cat that can wonder around freely.

There have been many TCS members that have become ill or injured, and their cats have started acting differently around them.
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That article was published in Denmark in July - he was dubbed Dr Død (Dr Death) but I think it's comforting for people to have a little warning when their loved ones are going to pass on. He's almost like a modern day guardian to the gates of Heaven, come to guide souls on to the next life. I find it all very romantic. Morbid, but romantic. Sure he's not very sociable, but I think I would like a soul like that to come and take me away.
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I saw a program on this cat on TV a while ago, after the article appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. Just goes to show that cats are very complex and deep creatures.
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Some one to call me?........
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