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I recently adopted a 10 year old cat(she's my first cat!) near the beginning of October. I am a student at college and I am going home for Christmas break(which will be about a month). It's a 2-hour drive and I haven't taken Cally on anything longer than 5 minutes to the vet. I keep her in her carrier on the way because the vet is about 5 doors down from my apartment and she cries the entire way there. She's easily stressed out...I think she's still traumatized from being transported around by Petsmart. But on the way home for Christmas, I'm letting her out of her carrier...but I'm still nervous that she won't handle the drive well. Does anyone have a similar experience?
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I haven't had any experience with this, but I think it would be better for her out of the carrier provided that she can't get to the driver seat. She would feel better to be free than to be trapped in a box.

My guys don't mind the carrier, so I don't let them out.
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Thanks! Yeah, I definitely think I'm going to let her out...she really does not like her carrier.
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For safety sake, she should be riding in a carrier if the car is moving. No matter how much she cries. Try soft music in the car and cover the carrier with a towel.

When you stop to eat lunch, then she can come out of the carrier for a few mins. But its a LOT safer in the carrier. She could get under the seat or under your feet and cause an accident. Or if you have a sudden stop or someone hits your car, the cat will get hurt or escape.

And you can be easily distracted trying to figure out where she is roaming loose in the car.
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i have two cats, and i travel alot, and my cats are let free when i am driving, i make a soft comfortable spot for them in the front driver seat, and they pass out for the entire trip. ( the most they have been in a car is 18 hours, and i have a SUV) i put the litter in the back seat, and some fresh water, and food. my cats dont mind the carrier either, actually, sometihng, i put the carrier in the front seat, next to me, and open up the top, and they stay their. ( i have a sherpa carrier, they are awesome, because you can open them up, from the top or the side. )

but yea, good luck!
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I have been worrying about accidents and such(my driving record is perfect, but there ARE crazies out there)...but I have tried putting a blanket over her carrier on the way to the vet and nothing stops her crying(in comparison to humans, Cally's crying would be body-shaking sobs). I think I might make a comfortable spot somewhere in the backseat so she won't distract me while I'm driving...I'll leave the carrier open, case she does want to go in for some weird reason. Thanks for all the input...please keep it coming!
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I personally wouldn't let her out. 2 hours isn't very long to be in a carrier and it's much safer a) if anything happens, b) if she gets scared and tries to run under your feet or something.

Maybe try gravol to get her to calm down? ask your vet. My vet says 1/4-1/8 of a tablet for my little kismet, because she gets car sick. Works like a charm, keeps her from being ill and makes her sleepy.
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You can go to a health food store and get whats called Bach's Rescue Remedy ....... it will naturally help her calm down and relax.

You can put a few drops in her water 24 hours before you leave, rub some on her ear and paws. It will help her be so much calmer.
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Do what you want, but all it takes is one time for your cat to be dead or seriously hurt. I will tell you a story (true) that happened to a friend of mine.

She was taking another friend and her cat to the vet. A short drive from the house and the vet - maybe 15/20 mins.

This friend always let her cat ride loose in the car, no problems. Well the cat was sitting calmly in the front seat on the friend's lap looking out the window. They were stopped at a red light. A fire truck came racing thru the intersection, lights flashing, siren on, etc.

The cat freaked out and tried to leap thru the front window in a panic. The cat hit the front windshield and was dead of a brain injury by the time they got to the vet's office only a few blocks away.

So take it for what its worth. I feel the cat is a lot safer in a carrier no matter how much they cry.
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I have traveled over 1000 miles with Ares, and my vote is for the carrier. The only time Ares was let out of his carrier was when we were stopped and all of the doors/windows were securely shut. Kittens have been known to climb up behind the steering wheel column or get under the foot pedals. I simply wouldn't take the chance.
One suggestion I have is to leave the pet carrier out at all times. Spray the inside with Feliway and leave food treats and favorite toys in there. This way, Cally will begin to see the carrier as a fun and comfortable space. You could also think about getting Rescue Remedy which is meant to calm cats and either put it in her water or rub a bit on her ear before the trip. She might meow at the start of the trip, but will settle down after a bit. Best of luck on your voyage with Cally!
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Thanks so much!!! The thought of an accident and her being hurt is my greatest fear. I think I will take all of your suggestions to heart. I will be much more at ease if I know Cally's safe. =)
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