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Is she in pain/sick? Or just very vocal?

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I can't decide. I had adopted my cat almost 2 weeks ago. I had found her, well she was coming to where I work like a stray but it was obvious she was domesticated because she is very well behaved, and very friendly. She was vocal at the time, everyone at work guessed, because she was hungry, nearly starving.

I had her checked out by a vet, she was given a general physical and some tests (I assume, I'm not a doctor) and gave her a good home. She is such a sweetheart! In just the 2 short weeks I've had her she's changed my life. I'm happier, and I've noticed myself doing other things I actually should be doing (hehe like cleaning) being influenced by her being here.

She's so vocal it seems like she sometimes actually says "hello" when someone comes in. It's very hard to not recognize her pretty clearly saying "Yeah" and "No" too. I'm starting to become worried though. Sometimes it seems like she's moaning as if she's in pain and she rubs her back on the carpet.

Might she be in pain from something the vet might have missed? Could she be sick, like a common cold or something? Or is she just a reeeaaally vocal cat?
I've never seen a cat so vocal!

I'm really worried sometimes that she's in pain for some reason. But I don't want to shell out the money for a vet...for nothing. Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Have you had her spayed?
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If she is not spayed, she could be in heat. A first heat isn't too vocal (from what I've learned here) but they get more vocal as they age.
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If she is spayed, then you probably don't have a lot to worry about, since she was just checked out and she's been like this the whole time. My cat is super vocal. When she wants to be petted and doesn't think we're paying enough attention to her she rolls on her back with her paws in the air and meows like the world is ending. I've never seen a cat as vocal as mine, but apparently they exist haha. I hope she's OK but if the vet checked her out, and she's spayed, then i'd think she was fine.
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Thank you all! The vet didn't say if she was spayed or not. And that is what I think is going on now due to her body language this morning.
Either she has pain in her hip (rear), or she's horny.

It's most likely she's in heat. eh?
She is so well behaved I thought she was spayed, but apparently not. I'll have her checked to be sure.

Greatly appreciated everyone! Thank you!
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Our late cat, Brownie, was an outside cat who adopted us and was very not vocal. When he passed, we got a little female named Butzie from the shelter. Honestly that cat never shuts up. She's happy - she meows. She's unhappy - she meows. She is sleeping - she meows. Called my Mom who couldn't stop laughing. She said that in a contest for talking, I would win, not Butzie!
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Just watch her carefully that she does not get outside, you might want to put 2 doors between her & the outdoors. And get her spayed as soon as you can.
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Butzie was spayed before she got to the shelter. Somebody did love her enough before the shelter to do that. She is still very vocal.
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