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how many of you have this?

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I was just in my room watching my kittens run around and play, and then I said one of their names and that kitten looked up and meowed at me and came climbing up my bed to cuddle and pur on my chest...he's only 5 weeks old!! I love him and his siblings SO much, it's insane.
when I watch them I actually feel my heart get 'warm' and 'tingly' from the love I have for them, as if I don't know what I'd do without their blessed little souls

any of you have this or moments like this?
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Most definitely. I've gone through a period where I didn't have any kitties. It was awful...I felt such a hole in my life! I've always had a special connection with my kitties. It's indescribable!
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Oh yeah! Kitties will always have a piece of my heart!
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Oh yes! There are times when they do something, usually ordinary, and it just strikes me. Reminds me of how the Grinch's heart grew and grew - although I am not a grinch

*must not type when tired*
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I have to control myself constantly from over expressing my love toward Maia for being so darn cute all the time!!!!!! Shes almost 2, so it must get annoying, calling her my squirt and how absolutely adorable she is....every time she looks at me! When she was a kitten, forget it! I was a crazy mom! 5 week old, milk supplement, fuzzy little human loving, pink bellied, tiny ball of fur, see I sound crazy right now!
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Oh yes, I went through that with Ziggy's babies. When I'd walk into the room, they'd all look up and start meowing and shifting around trying to get out of the basket to see me.
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Both Charlie and Ling will answer if you call their name.
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My warm and tingly moment is when Seamus sits at my feet and looks up at me waiting to be picked up and smothered with hugs. Most days, it's just when I get home from work, but yesterday, he must have sensed that I just needed a hug and he sat there and waited for one and let me hold him and hug him... it's those moments where he is extra cute and very intuitive that I love him to pieces!
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Come to think of it, I never had a kitten. Brownie (RIP) was a teenager when he adopted us, the vet said. The shelter said Butzie was 2 when we got her in June.
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every single day.

I my babies, everyone thinks I'm NUTS.
I like them WAY better than people
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Yep, all the time!! Just yesterday I walked into the bedroom and all four of my kitties were curled up on the bed together. It melts my heart every time I see them like that!

Sometimes I get the urge to just pick them up and squeeze them like Elvira (is that the right name? The looney tunes character). Can't do that though. . . sleeping kitties do not like to be disturbed just to be hugged! I normally just cuddle up with them instead. I have had many lazy weekends because the cats didn't want to get out of bed!
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