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Cheeto keeps getting sick

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Hello everyone. Hopefully you all cna give me some advice as to my recent cat's problems. Cheeto is about 7 months old with her required shots done a number of months ago, but she still isn't fixed yet. As of recently, I've noticed she keeps getting sick. For about 5 days now, she will puke once a day. From what I notice it all looks normal. Of course, chunks of cat food and some liquid (grossed out yet?). I haven't noticed any change in behavior. She is still very playful so I'm a bit confused as to what's going on.

Any ideas?
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Have you changed foods recently? Do you have any new plants in the house she might be nibbling on?

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Alot of plants can be very harmfull to your pets. The leafs of Rhubarb are actually deadly to them. Have you taken kitty to vet recently?? Any High Fevers ever?
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Well, she chews on everything she can find, including plants. There have been times (not recently) where she has gotten sick and brought some plant up with her food, but not recently. I haven't changed the food at all so I don't believe that to be it.

I haven't taken her temperature, but I was going to call in after the weekend to make an appointment to get her checked out. She is about due to getting fixed as well. Hopefully it's nothing serious though.
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If you put dawn dishsoap water on the plants they wont eat them! Hopefully its nothing serious! Maybe a hairball situation?? I hope all goes well and Im sending good your way!!
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everyday fo 5 days is to much, please take her to the vet
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If she's eating your plants, that could very well be why she's throwing up. You need to be careful w/ plants & cats, b/c some plants are fatal to a cat..

You probably should contact your vet and take her in. As Bob mentioned, 5 days in a row is too many for a cat to be throwing up.

I hope she'll be okay!

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