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What does your cat do that makes you think "aw I love you.."

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I'll start...

I love how Mia grunts/chirps at everything. I love how she rolls around on the floor when she wants to be pet or picked up. I love how she wakes me up at 3 am just to say "hi!" (ok..sometimes!) I love how easily she will fall asleep on my chest/lap, and stay there for a long time.

I love how Marble follows me around from room to room and likes to cuddle next to me while I watch TV. I love how she gets so excited for her wet food every afternoon and isn't hesistant to remind me that it's almost time for me to break it out. I love how she sleeps with her paw over her eyes.
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Everything Ok, let me see. I love how Sebastian loves me no matter what. He is my soul kitty. I can just see him rolling his eyes at me or shrugging off my nonsense, yet he still loves me.

Daphne: hmmm, how she sits next to me, intently watching, when I have trouble sleeping well. Like she is making sure I am okay.

Depending on where we are located in the room, one or the other will reach out with a paw to just touch me, like they're checking in.

I know there is more. They leave my heart full
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Though it is very annoying at night when I'm trying to fall asleep, the new thing I absolutely love is when Seamus jumps on the bed, gives my stomach a little headbutt, then plops himself down right next to me and just lays there... he takes up 2/3 of the bed when he does this, and I can barely move without disturbing him. He passes out and I'm laying there trying to get comfortable with this lump next to me... but I love it anyway.
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I think one of the funniest is how Astrid HAS to walk in front of me - if I am walking through the apartment and she is behind me, she bops me on the leg until I stop and she gets in front. And then, of course, she walks s l o w l y and stops to stretch!

At night, she will jump up on the bed and headbutt me on the butt or back until I roll over on my back so she can cuddle up next to me; I now have to stretch my arm so she can lay with her head on my palm allowing me to pet her head. If I stop, I get a kick. When she is satisfied and purring, she rolls over on her back, stretches out and usually kicks my face as she stretches her legs. She then snoozes contently with her little paws under her chin and her feet on my chin! And I let her! It is just too cute.
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Oh, this could be quite a list! Here's just a few:

Blue: She is my kitty. When she was a kitten she used to ride around on my shoulder (Dh used to call her my parrot!), now she likes me to carry her around the house as I go about my business. I love that she comes to cuddle every day when I get home, and snuggles up on my pillow every night. I love her funny little "mews" (this cat has never really meowed). I love her acrobatics! It is so amusing to watch the wheels in her head turn as she tries to figure out, "Hmmm... How am I going to get up there?"

Piper: She is such a sweetheart! I love how she loves the kittens, grooming them and cuddling them. I love her very insistent head-bumps - she'll shove her nose right into your mouth! I love how she's a good friend to Blue. Those two turn the house into a racetrack! I also love how she'll be wandering through the house, and suddenly start meowing at the top of her lungs until I call her, and then she comes running. I love how she's adopted my 8yo son as her own, and sleeps with him every night.

Delilah: I love her diva attitude! I love how vocal she is - she lets everyone know when it's time to eat. I love how she's very independent, but she still lays on my desk and keeps me company for hours when I'm working. I love how she tolerates the other cats, even with the horrificly dirty looks she gives them. And I especially love those rare occassions when she climbs into bed with me early in the morning and cuddles up next to me.

Griffin & Bastian: I love seeing their new little personalities assert themselves! Bastian will climb right up your leg demanding attention, while Griffin is more laid-back. Seeing the two of them cuddled up together asleep turns me to mush. And I love the way they depend on each other, and go running whenever they hear the other one call.

I love these kitties so much!
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There's just something about a sleeping cat that makes me want to snuggle them. Not that they're always grateful for said snuggles--"Moooom, I was trying to sleep!" Baby generally doesn't mind, though, and will turn her belly for a scratch!
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Beatrix, I love how she proudly brings me "presents" (even though it's gross!) and how she'll roll around and purr for me when no one else is around, she growls and is a crabby old lady around everyone else I love how soft her coat is!

Chloe, I love how she follows me wherever I go and insists on being held or sitting in my lap even if I'm on the toilet! and how she'll just bury her tiny little face into my neck and purr...

Berach, I love his shenanigans! he's such a little charmer and so handsome. He'll look at you and wink or
s l o w l y blink like he's a sexy kitten He does the cutest things you could imagine, gives kisses, sleeps in hilarious positions, and is such a cuddle bug. I love how he lays on my pillow in the middle of the night and strategically kicks my head off for maximum ownage.

haha, love my kids
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I usually wake up at 3 am to go to the bathroom. Then Butzie wakes up to supervise me flushing the toilet. Next, she wants to be loved for at least 20 minutes. Did I mention that I am a cat lover?
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I love that Carter spontaneously falls asleep when he's cuddling someone.

I love watching Lorelei switch between being "mama" to Carter and having to shove him out of the way when she's trying to eat!
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the loud purrs, the chirps, taking naps with me even though she has ADD, nose bumps, the sweet loving moments
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Trout jumps onto my bed (if she isn't there already) in the morning when my coffee maker turns on..she knows she has about 5 minutes of love time when she hears it..she is purring away and rubbing all over the place to get some makes me melt with love for her
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Twitch lays on my stomach when its about time to get up.

Lexi sits next to me on the couch while I do my makeup and she gives herself a bath. So we primp together every morning.
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cats are so funny with their different personalities! No two of them are ever the same.

Cupid is so funny, usually the is the crabby old lady, but when she wants attention, she demands it NOW! If you try to move away without giving her the attention she will reach out with her paw and litterally grab your hand with her claws and pull it back to her head. And if that dont work she will sneak in a bite, and she doesnt bite nicely!

Callie i sware has multiple personalities, but i love when she is in the mood to cuddle. And i really adore that she has taken to Boo and they are constantly into something.

I really love that boo is so sweet. No matter what time of day, she is always up for a cuddle. Its like she can sence when i am sad or upset because she is always the first one on my shoulder!
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This might be kind of long. . . .
Trinity- How she DEMANDS attention but in certain rooms (the bathroom and the bedroom mostly) she is all purrs and headbutts. How much she loves Bentley (and all my other boys, but she has a special place in her heart for Bentley). How she is a daddy's girl. (Ok that one doesn't do much for me, but she is the only one out of my bunch that likes Matt more then me so it is special for him).
Bentley- His cute little peeps. A lot of the time when he wants my attention, he doesn't even meow, just waits until I am looking at him and then lets air escape his mouth. How he rushes to cuddle with me as soon as I get home from work and sit down. How when he is cuddling with me, if I kiss him on the top of the head, he will look up at me like "I love you mom". How he is MY boy, more so then any of the other animals in the house, he loves me and only me.
Mercury- How he is my CRAZY cat!! He is always making me laugh with his antics. How powerful his headbutts are (and he is CONSTANTLY headbutting). How he is my most stranger friendly cat, he has never really met someone he didn't like! The odd chirping noises he makes at the birds and squirrels out in the yard. How almost every single morning he wakes me up by coming to cuddle up by my chest.
Nemo- He is the little lover boy of the house. If he is alone in a room, he will meow until I or one of the other cats finds him, then when we do, he runs to rub on us. How he makes me sit on the floor with him so that he can do circles around me, rubbing his head on me the entire time. How much he loves every animal he has ever met (not all humans though, he is scared of strangers).

I just love them all so much! They find a new way to melt my heart every day!
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My "Quig" is so cute at begging. He sits up and claps his paws together when he wants up in the chair or the dog to play. Some times I don't know what he wants.

He gets up on my lap and pushes his head into my hand or up under my chin. When he was a kitten, he slept up under my chin.

He is cute but he is also a terrible two, hell cat. Do they ever outgrow it? He is a year old now.
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I love the way Beauty rolls over and shows me her belly and lies down on my lap for a cuddle. She will always do that when I have just sat down- it's very cute.

I love everything about her really but if I had to choose that would be the best one.
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i LOVE it when chloe wakes up and chirps "mama" at me. i love it when she headbutts me in the face and rolls over for belly rubs. i love it when patchy steals food (as long as its not mine haha) i love when patchy bosses my mom around and punches her if she doesnt feed her on command.
oh hell, i love everything they do, even yak up furballs in my room!
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I love it when Aristotle wakes up from his nap on the monitor, stretches, then will gaze at me with those dark gold eyes.
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I love it when Wesley kneads ontop of me before laying down. And when the cats purr in my face. I love it when Sox curls up by my face when I'm in bed or when she trys to lay on our shoulders. And when they stretch while they are sleeping and end up laying upside down all stretched out as far as they can go! There are so many things they do that I love, I could just go on forever!
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I love it when Ares sleeps in between the pillows at night and this certain meow he has when he wants me to play with him.
With Hypnos, I love the fact that he rolls on his belly to get rubs (he loves it and purrs like crazy) and when he snoozes on my chest or legs
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Oliver flops down on the floor and shows his belly to let people rub it. He only does this for certain people, though. (Boyfriend, mom, certain friends) He greets me at the door every time I come in. He dips his paw in the water dish and licks it instead of drinking normally. He plays catch and will even fetch on very rare occasions.

Rocky is my little lovebug. His favorite thing to do is meow at me and look at me with sad green eyes every time I leave. I explain to him that there is a direct correlation between my leaving to go to work and him getting his special cat food (he has food allergies).

These are just a few things . . .
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Just about everything! One of my favorite things my sweetheart has always done is when I talk to him he always nods his head back and goes...hmmm to acknowledge me, it's so precious and always melts my heart to see him do this.
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This weekend, Carter took a nap in my lap. He also curled up between a pile of DVDs and a blanket and napped on the carpet. I even picked him up and placed him in his little bed because I thought he'd be more comfy, but he still got up and crawled back to the same spot to fall asleep. So cuuuute.

Lorelei has timed herself to recognize that if my alarm is going off, I am getting up. So she just starts hopping on my bed when it goes off. Too bad that doesn't get me up any faster
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I love it at night when I lay down, I stretch my hair across the pillow (so it doesn't get snarly at night, its really long) and BooBoo my 15lb fat cat, climbs on my head and does happy paws on my hair and just cute!

I love it when Eek is all crazy and just wont leave poor old BooBoo alone! BooBoo acts annoyed but I really think he likes it!
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Quill gave me some lovebites out of the blue today. I was here studying and suddenly I felt his teeth on my foot, then an apologetic lick .... And he's been licking me every time I pet him ever since ....

I love it when he gets The Crazies and his tail poofs up and he's crouching and the moment someone moves he's off galloping down the hall and back meowing at the top of his lungs.

I love it when he looks at me and blinks sooo slooowly, purring softly .... Especially when he's in the bathtub in the middle of the night.

He's just an all round sweetpea
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everything my cat's do make me go "aaah aww" LOL! even when they have been naughty haha! the little monkeys
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ok seriously... when he falls asleep on my lap and starts snoring, when he gets all wound up tail all puffy.. and starts jumping around the room sideways, they way he moves things out of the way so he can sleep in the crook of my arm.

My favorite has to be that he brings me his favortie toy every night, puts it on the pillow next to my head before he goes under the bed to sleep... like I need the company more than he does.

Ok, I admit it... I look at Jack and want 10 more.
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