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Sassy and his Shoebox

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Does your cat have a toy, blanket or item that they are really attached to?

Sassy has an orange shoebox that he just loves. It is to small for him to lay in but he likes to sit in it and survey his world, much like a little king on a throne. It sits beside the TV stand and has for almost 2 years..
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When I lived with my roommates that had dogs, one of the dogs ripped the leg off of a stuffed elephant toy. Somehow, this leg ended up in my room and Mia started playing with it and carrying it around. Since it was almost time to move out anyway, I just took it with me. She still plays with it on occasion, 5 mo later.
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Not really a toy, but Swanie is very attached to the end of the couch I used to sit in before he came to live here. If I sit in it now, chances are he'll come and raise a fuss, or sit and stare at me until I move. If Cindy happens to be sitting there, he's push and wiggle his way in. We've named it Swanieville.
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Butzie loves every box or any part of one. My husband left parts of a box on the floor in our family room. She went bananas and amused herself for an hour playing with the parts. We put a wine case cardboard box on the deck to throw it out with the trash. It wound up in front of our cat deck door because Butzie moved it to where she could see it an play with it later.
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