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*Groan* What a klutz! (Vibes needed)

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Ok, so the next few weeks will be some of the busiest for us, right up until Christmas Day.....we'll be working long hours (15 hr days+) sooo......guess what I did tonight? We made a dinner delivery, and dingbat slipped on the wet rock sidewalk and fell! Landed squarely on my knee, its bruised and swollen, sigh! This is the very LAST thing that I need right now, to be banged up to where I can't stand for long periods of time, or to where it interferes with my driving! Lets see if some of those TCS vibes can help here? Thanks guys!
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Sounds so painful. Rest and put some ice on it to keep the swelling down.
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can you put weight on it?
I had a knee injury 2 years ago, it was not fun. that it gets feeling better ASAP!
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Ouch! Make sure you elevate it and apply ice packs for 20 minutes each time, several times per day to keep the swelling down. Also take Ibruprofen for the pain and swelling.
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I had a knee injury when I was running back in the day.... I know it can be painful
Sending MEGA vibes your way to heal quickly
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Vibes coming that way!
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from a fellow clumsy - only I tripped on the floor grate in the bathroom and hit the side of the tub with my chest. (Lovely yellow tinge!)

for quick healing and little pain.
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Sending you vibes from a fellow klutz!!! Ice and ibuprofen should help!
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Want to know the bad part? I have a "bad" knee, from years of rollerskate falls, falls like this one, even one trip down a flight of I'm picking on my GOOD knee!
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I don't think I have a good knee anymore
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