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Bad Breath

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I went out the otherday and was sitting in the front seat of the car. The driver had the worse smelling breath that I'd ever smelled. It wasn't garlicy or onion or even food related, it was just very stinky breath!

It was freezing cold outside and I had to crack the window open because I thought I was going to vomit everytime he opened his mouth to say something. I wished so much that I had some gum or a mint to offer him.

Why is it so hard to tell someone they have stinky breath or body odour?
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I think because its embarassing for a person to be stinky
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Often times the person doesn't think that they have bad breathe or body odor. They probably think YOU smell

I know I'm super paranoid about smelling bad. So I chew gum often and almost always have a stick of deoderant.
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Don't you wish everyone used a tounge scraper and brushe their teeth In reality though- he could have had some sort of medical condition resulting in the bad breath. Eithor way though- i don't think it would have been rude to offer him a mint or gum
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