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URGENT!! - Vets that bill rather than ask for payment upfront - Northern California

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I know that this has probably been posted before, but there doesn't seem to be a search function on this forum.

Anyway, I need to find an affordable or a vet that will bill here in the Peninsula area of California. Either in the cities of Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo, San Bruno....

I know that my sweetie has a serious problem going on with her mouth. She is not eating and periodically grabs at her mouth. It's getting worse. I'm in the process of gathering as much money together for her bills, but I'm afraid that her condition is getting worse and waiting any longer is not a good idea.

So, if anyone knows of vets in the area that bill rather than demand payment up front that would be so very helpful.

Thank you,
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Best advice is CALL around ...

if you qualify can be a lifesaver ...
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I hope you get the funds you need for your poor kitty.
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You might look for vets that accept Care Credit ( if you qualify for that.
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I googled and found this link. Hope it helps!
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do you have a normal vet? One that you see on a normal basis? If so, I would call the vet and see if they can set up some payment arrangements. Many vets will be willing to work with someone for the benifit of the animal. Especially if they know you. Hope that you find someone soon.
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Is it something that you can see? Is there any pics we can see? A bump perhaps? Maybe a little black bump accompanied by a large mass? Keep us posted! Let us know! Im sending healing your way!
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Thank you so much for the kind words, thoughts, energy and advice.

First of all, no I don't have a regular vet since I just relocated to Northern California. I have been making phone calls but right now there isn't any yet who will allow payments or billing.

Unfortunately, I would not qualify for the care credit. I have many months of pay off the past so to speak, to clear up the credit.

I finally sat her down and was able to look into her mouth. There is clearly a large mass under her tongue. Over the past few days she has been drooling more and she stopped eating her regular food Saturday. She is drinking water, so I just mush up her food in warm water and have been feeding her that. I just sit down with her, pet her, and feed her...she was soooo hungry, she at the normal amount when I helped her.

Then I cried...

I'm going to take her in and give the vet the screening fee. Hopefully I can convince them to allow payments if I ask up front, in person.

It seems like this lump just grew overnight. I went online and found some very grim diagnosis regarding lumps/cancer/older cats.

I'll just go to the vet and hope for a blessing.

Thank you all....
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Umm maybe you can ask the vet about payments AFTER he see's your baby! Ive done that before and they've even held my checks for a while before too. My vet also requires payment for small animals the day of service. I mean, if he see's her and then you tell him you'll pay later, can he really do anything?? I dunno what to tell ya hun! I just want your kitty to be able to go to the vet and get the kind of care he needs so Im grasping at straws! Please let us know!
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I I used to live in San Bruno and went to White Ivie for years. The old owner used to let me make payments. Not sure if the new Owner would help you or not. Dr Ivie retired.
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Try that site, it lists a number of orginazation that wil help with vet bills.

Best of luck!
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It's a little out of the way but The Napa Small Animal Hospital will set up a payment plan for you.

It's very lenient and the Dr.'s are great

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