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Hi am new to the site. I look foward to meeting everyone. I just recently took in a feral kitten it is about 5 months old. The vet had him for a month and could not find a home. I found out about the kitty from a friend at work. I took the kitten. The vet did absolutely nothing for the cat. He had scabbies, ear mites and his leg is dislocated (I think he was hit by a car). He will need surgery to remove the ball of his femur. They cannot plact the hip back in place, it is dislocated for good. I am getting a second opinion. I dont like the vet that was treating him since she had him for a month and did nothing for him. However, the vet made me pay 28.00 for Tresaderm for the ear mite (because I noticed there were scabs on his head before I took him and looked at his ears and there was a ton of wax, she took a ssample and said it was ear mites). I was persistant with the tresaderm for ten days, twice a day. It has been a week since he has been off the Tresaderm. He still has scabs. Can I treat with Advantix or Revolution? I dont know why the vet did not treat with Revolution to begin with. Also, he seems to like me, I have been working really hard with him, he no longer runs and hisses when I come up to him. He lets me pet him now. However, he hates my boyfriend that live with me. He hisses and runs from my boyfriend. Any suggestions? He has been fixed, I got him fixed last week (by the same vet that took him in) and he has had two sets of kitten shots, he is getting his last shots on Monday, any suggestions?
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That's disgraceful what the "vet" did. Get a second opinion. Try to get a grant for medical care from animal groups that do rescue work.

PM me and I'll dig a couple up for you.

Thank god you took the guy. He must be in awful pain!

Ear mites can be treated with tresaderm, but IF they ARE NOT
ear mites, you may need something like an oral drug to treat -
scabies does much the same with scabs. Also flea allergies cause

Make sure you treat for fleas. Revolution may be a good choice in this case.

I can't write more now, but will later. Please, if anyone on tSC knows more, help out!
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Thank you. You know whats really sad, she did no screening on me at all. She just gave the cat to me. I could have been anybody. I am not saying that I am. But, I am VERY pro rescue. I have 4 guinea pigs. Of the four pigs, three were rescued. The first pig, I knew no better and bought from a pet store. I now realize there are tons of piggies and cats in the shelters. I am not against breeding, I am against irresponsible breeding. And for the vet not to screen me, that was irresponsible. I also have one aquatic turtle. I have an exotic vet for the turtle and the pigs. She will NOT see cats or dogs. She only sees exotics. I live in south FL. We just moved here two months ago, anyone know of a good vet? Is there a sticky of vet list here?

Please meet my animals:

Here is the pig cage:

And Smokey:

Just so you know, the pigs are in my room and I keep the door shut, so the cat has no access to them.
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I rescued some kittens with ear mites and it did take a long time to clear them up even with Revolution. I had to use a Q-tip and clean out their ears twice a day for a week or two before it was gone. I had a liquid medicine that I used, too.

Thank you for taking care of Smoky. He is really cute. You're doing a great job.
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Thank you for your work with Smokey. As to vets, ask at the Humane Society for a list of vets that are "approved" and/or call the 1 800 SPAY USA
organization, they will give you a list of vets that do low cost spay/neuter AND these vets are generally good vets.

Revolution plus the ear mite liquid they put in the ears plus cleaning seems the way to go. Ear mites can be VERY persistant problem.

Lucky I haven't had to deal with them. The scabs he has may be due to soemthing else though, there is a mite that causes "sarcopetic mange" (look up on the internet), and these require oral medication.

sometimes, a one time treatment with Ivermectin (shot) works, but this
is again, something only a vet could help with.

Its worth noting also, that flea allergies can cause bad scabing - the cat is allergic to the bites, and so gets scabs at bite sites, and the only soluition is to keep house flea free... bomb it, use anti flea sutff on ALL the animals -
and vaccum lots (to vaccum up the flea eggs before they hatch.). A constant battle.

Okay, that's my 2 cents! Again, very impressed that you took this baby on.
Good luck with him, and if you need monies etc. I can refer to some programs that help sometimes (must meet income etc requirements).
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I am so outraged that the vet was so neglectful!! How can she call herself a vet?! It's so nice of you to adopt him. My feral cat is sick too. It might have neurological problems, but I am rewarded by his progress everyday. I am new to raising cat so I have no clue what those drugs do, but hang in there!

About introducing a new person, my cat used to freak out too, but I let my boyfriend in the same room while I was playing with the cat. Everytime it noticed my boyfriend and got scared, I distracted him with a string. After awhile he didn't mind his presence. I also poured some catmilk on my bf's hand and let him feed him a little bit. He wouldn't drink from him, but at least he's not freaking out anymore. Good luck to you!
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Also, just wanted to add that I already had the vet give him a shot of ivermectin. According to the vet she gave him two shots previous before I got him, but I dont know I believe that. Also, her notes were not well documented on him. She did not know when she did the last xray on his leg, so I had one done and that is when we found out his leg was dislocated. When I had him fixed, I had the vet try to pop the hip/leg back in. According to the vet, she could not do this. She stated the leg kept popping out. That is when she perceeded to tell me about the 650.00 removing the head of the femur. I think I will contact the humain society just to see what they say about vets. I have an awesome exotic vet. Wish she would make an exception. I just adopted Cuddles, in the first picture, the pig with swirls and I brought him in for a check up and thats when the exotic vet saw that cuddles had elongated roots in the teeth. It is corrected by diet. The rescue told me Cuddles was given to them on hamster food and no hay. Pigs need unlimited hay to wear and tear there teeth as well as to keep the GI moving. She was an awesome vet. Anyway who has exotics, Dr. Keller at Broward Exotic Vets is Awesome. Anyway, Smokey and I are pleased to meet you all and we will be on here to research. I really want to change his diet to Wellness. We are feeding Proplan wet and dry food. But I am going to wait a little longer until he is better. He is VERY active I must tell you, he went through 3 toys already and he loves his plastic balls....lol
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