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Funky dragon breath?

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I researched breath issues on the previous posts here but couldn't really find anything helpful. Marcie and Darcy both have funky dragon breath. They aren't kittens, the vet hasn't noticed any tooth problems and they were both examined in October, their food has not been changed, and neither one have any visable injuries in their mouths.

It only stinks when they are grooming or when I take my life into my hands by prying their mouths open. On that same note, I don't brush their teeth because I would end up several fingers short by the time the fight was over.

Is it normal for cats to have funky dragon breath just because?
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How old are they???
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Darcy is 9mos
Marcie is 1.5yrs
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ahh then it aint teething...

DID the VET actaully look in there mouths>>>???

I know it hasnt changed but what are they eating??? some ingrediants are more likely to cause "dragon " breath
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The vet got as good of a look in their mouths as possible. Neither of them are really fond of having their mouths pried open.

They are fed twice a day as follows:
Half a scoop of organic Brandon Farms food (no soy, wheat, corn, etc)
Half a little cup of Meow mix wet food

In the evening, they each get approx 250mg of L-Lysine mixed into their food
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what grains are in the brandon farms???

seafood is a BIG bad breathe causer
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Organic ground barley, Oats, Brown Rice, Flaxseed meal.

Meow Mix is very high in seafood, so that part makes sense. It just seems like their breath is gradually getting worse.
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Have they increased the wet>>??

okay only barley strikes me as a cause ... but does it also have a fish???.. sorry for the ?? s but only one store has this and I dont shop there
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I have actually decreased their wet food.

Yes, the Brandon Farms does have Fish Meal
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HUMMM MY non medical opnion is the fish is the issue... passes a CET chew your way
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ok, so what is a CET chew, and where do I find one?

I got the girls some breath chews meant for dogs, but the girls are less than impressed.
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they are chews but they have some fish flavor but the enzymes help clean the teeth and breath... most vets have them... the banfield has them at petsmart on display
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I will have to try them out. Thanks for the adivice.
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