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OMG I cant believe I found this!

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I am a member of a website that is like classmates.com but its for NZers and someone posted a photo of my class! I am the girl wearing a grey sweatshirt with red sleeves looking to the side in between a dark skinned girl and a girl in a red sweater.

It was taken in 1985 so I would have been 9 years old.
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Too cute!
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What a hoot to run across that!
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Realy unbelievable, but fantastic.
I love old pictures!
Very nice for you.
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Wow!! What a great thing to find on the internet! I would love to contact some people from my junior years.

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That is too cool....you look like an angel !
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My best friend was the samoan girl wearing a grey sweater that says 'training' on it and I had a crush on the boy that is in the back row with his arms crossed = the second from the left. Funny thing is, his name is Kelly. The boy on the far left in the back row died a few years after the photo was taken, during an epileptic seizure. The girl in the front row, second from right also died, but 10 years after drs said she would die, I think she had muscular dystrophy, I cant remember. The girl wearing pink and light blue sweater was my neighbour, I grew up with her and my mum is still in touch with hers.
Dang, its funny to remember my primary school years!
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Boy I can imagine the kind of memories that are flooding in right now! Hope they bring you a smile.
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Now I remember who the girl in the red jersey next to me - she had 2 mums (her mother was gay) and I used to love going to her house because there were always fun things to do, and her birthday parties were always the best.

You are right, all those memories are coming back and they are certainly bringing a smile to my face!
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Kellye! That is just an adorable picture of you!!!! It is fun to remember back to our school days like that! (although I have a bit farther to remember than you do! In 1985 I was already out of high school for a year!)
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