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I feel bad...

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Poor Beauty wants to cuddle big time, but I'm trying to work on my final paper.

The way she wants to lay happens to be where my right arm likes to rest while typing. I've finally kicked her off of me, so she laying to my right, but she's slowly inching closer to get back in "her spot" (right now she has one front leg stretched across my right leg.

I think she really likes the warmth the laptop is providing. I just feel bad because I can't type when she's on me.
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I have to do that to Lucy every once in awhile because she likes to be held and fall asleep on my shoulder. They make you feel really guilty even though what you need to do is important.
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Would that be something similar to this?

Can't move mouse, can't read book, can't touch keyboard with squashing Judy....
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lol i have taken to gaming with eazy sleeping on top of arm and mouse lol.
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BooBoo loves to be near me when Im on the computer! He jumps on my laps, then sneaks his way over to the computer, right in front of it so I cant see, then finally he jumps on my $1300 laptop, pressing all the keys! I find its the best time to give his anxiety meds Hmmmm Maybe he's telling me he wants them! (didn't think of that)
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