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Butzie with perpetually runny nose...

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which seems to be something she was born with. Let me tell ya, her nose is so runny that she not only gets my hands wet when I pet her but sprinkles our blankets. Watch out when Butzie sneezes! Vet bill #1.
Next, Butzie kept scratching her left ear. Vet said she had too much wax. So we agreed to "put her under" while the vet cleaned out the ear. Cat fine, vet happy. ka-ching!
Then we should have named Butzie LouEzzy. She wheezes every time she purrs. You should hear it - purr, wheeze, purr, wheeze. We sent her in for 1 of those CRTs. Our son said that we could say that Butzie just got a cat scan! She's fine.
Butzie has a delicate stomach the vet tells us. So, when she looks like she has an upset stomach we feed her meat baby food. ka-ching!
Lastly, Butzie apparently has a heart murmur. So did my husband. He had to get an artificial aortic valve and he is fine. But his costs for the surgery were $750,000 (covered by insurance). ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!
Well, she was free from the shelter.
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Strange about putting her under to clean her ear! Flowerbelle has one ear that perpetually has loads of wax. The vet took a swab, did some kind of culture, and we clean it with just a Q-tip and put in drops to treat exactly whatever it is. Works like a charm!

Does Butzie have asthma or has been tested for Herpes virus? Sounds like it could be either.

If it's asthma, it can be treated. If it's herpes, adding a lysine supplement will help BOATLOADS! (Flowerbelle has the herpes virus).

A lysine supplement isn't a bad idea anyway - something to think about. Another supplement that has helped a lot of people and kitties is GSE (Grape Seed Extract). Add it to kitty's water dish. (You and hubby can take it too!) Both or either may help you see a marked improvement in Butzie's sneezing, runny nose and wheezing.

Also, I have a heart murmur, but it doesn't require surgery - just that I take antibiotics before any dental work. Sending vibes that Butzie's murmur isn't one that would require surgery!

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Every cat that I've had that has been perpetually wheezy or weepy eyes has had the herpes virus. My Bogart's nickname was "booger boy" and we used to have to scrape the phlem from the walls of the house regularly. But herpes is hard to diagnose (has to be in a flare up stage) so most vets diagnose by symptoms.

I've been using L-Lysine on my Muddy (who has herpes) for years. The cannister lasts about a year. Sprinkle it on his wet food and he doesn't even notice it is there.


I hope the heart murmor is something that can be controlled through meds.
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I am heading for that natural food store for the lysine. Left a message for the vet, too. Thanks!
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next for the l lysine and gse ....
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