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Laundry Kitty

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I hadn't seen Marley in a while, so I went looking. This is what I found:

I throw clean socks, wash cloths, etc. in there (because I'm too lazy to fold them and put them away). Marley thinks it's a great new bed for him. He's never done this before. How did he get in there???
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That is just too cute!
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I love it! Hahaha... Kit recently figured out how to climb the hamper, and he likes to sleep on our dirty clothes. Looks like Marley has more refined tastes
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Haha, great pictures! I love the way he looks on the second picture...

Beautiful cat!
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What a doll! He is very clearly saying "Mom - what are clean clothes without cat hair on them?" He's doing you a favor!

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Awww, so cute!!
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Well, looks like he jumped up, grabbed top of dresser, balanced on a drawer pull, hopped up then snuggled into the basket He is a sweetie!
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How did he get in there? Cats have their ways.
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Awww, looks like he has found himself a new cosy bed.
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He's so cute all curled up looking at you like "What? This is my basket"

Enzo has a problem of getting stuck in places too......
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