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Do you have sucker written on your face?

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I must have sucker written all over my face because animals - not just pets - love me. Our neighbors had a pool party and their friends came over with a Doberman "puppy" who was at least 3x the size of Sammy, their cocker spaniel mix. Sammy put her feet on my legs and growled at that bid dog who then proceeded to not know me.
I've been to a petting zoo with the kids. The animals come to me without me offering a bride.
We went to Australia and a petting zoo there. The emus wanted to kiss my face. Have you ever seen the beak on an emu?
We had a baby owl on our deck who was chirping sadly. I picked it up, put it in the cat carrier and then called our local wildlife museum. After 3 "You picked up a wild owl and it didn't bite you?" they told me to release it and mommy would come, which she did.
I go to the vet and every animal there wants to talk to me.
I love this!
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
The animals come to me without me offering a bride.
I know it's not nice to point out typos, but this was just too funny to let pass.
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hehe =0)

Yah, I must have the same sign. My husband jokes that I am a "crazy cat lady" in training. Wherever we go animals kinda just "come" to me and either promptly sit in my lap or try to jump up onto me. Typically it's more with cats though, it's gotten so bad that he hates for me to goto the "cat" section of Petsmart because of how the cats act towards me lol. (I always wanna take them all home!)
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LOL I am the same way. Wherever I go, there are animals surrounding me. It's the same way with my SO.

Just out of curiosity, what zodiac sign are you? If I can remember correctly, Pisces and Sagtarius tend to attrack animals, especially Sags.
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Do you mean like this?

This is a picture that the humane society sent to us when we adopted Sam.

Sometimes I think I have a sign in my yard that is only visable to cats and dogs.
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I'm a Capricorn. baaaaah
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i am the same - when I collected one of my fosters, I was told she was iffy with people at first, yet was perfectly fine with me - but when other people came round, she was iffy. And I have had a few cats where their owner couldnt do certain things with them, but I had no issues. I went to a friends yesterday and met their rats - got told they are sometimes cautious with new people, but they were fine with me, they were climbing all over me when I let them sniff me!!
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I am a Capricorn, too (51 on 1/13 arrrgh! Look younger). I am a stickler for spelling, too. May have been a Freudian slip - some of those tomcats may be looking for a bride!
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Taurus here. Start a poll on star signs!
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pisces here. I've always had the same things happen! I remember when I was a teenager being at a friend of my gramma's in hawaii that had a farm. She had a ton of animals. I was just sitting on the porch steps and they all flocked to me to get pet. The owner and my gramma were in shock. Everyone always told me I should have been a vet but I don't think I could handle 8 yrs of school. Things don't always click in school department anyway
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Completely relate to your intuitive connection with animals..............have been called chey-do-little often. Had made friends with a wild rabbit, chipmunk, and a family of Canadian geese at my families house. So much of a loner that I call myself the cat lady, and I only have one BFF, Maia.....and ofcourse know many of the neighborhood animals by name, but not their human companions names!
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I'm the same way. :p Though they were insects and not "animals", I'll always remember the day I was walking home from school when I was younger; three butterflies flew straight to me and landed on my hands and arms. I wasn't wearing perfume or anything, so I don't know what would have attracted them, but they stayed until I got to my house. XD It hasn't happened since, but yeah, I do seem to have a connection with animals - they always come to me before anyone else.
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