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I don't mean to be a pain, but...

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I posted a thread a little while ago and it was moved to "Care and Grooming". The thread is called "Kitty Litters...?" I'm changing my kitty litter soon and so need advice, what works for you? Please respond to it. I'll probably go with the pearls, but how do cats initially respond to it?

I don't mean to be a pain in the bum, but I need this info fast!

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hmmmm.....Tamme, I wish I could help. I have always used the clumping litter and never had a problem.

I do however remember a thread a few months back with kitty litter differences and the best ones around etc....I'll see if I can track it down. I just don't know how to post it as a link so you can see it after.

Let me see what I can find....
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If you're searching on the web, and you find the site, look in the 'address' bar and it will have a bunch of gibberish in it, copy it (right click in the address bar and then click on 'copy') then come here right click again and click on 'paste'. That will post the direct link here. It will be a bunch of gibberish, usually, but that's ok, it's not for us to understand anyways.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I look forward to this information.
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I posted my reply, but it's probably no help whatsoever!
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Tamme....Deb did what I wanted to do on the Care & Grooming thread. I wanted to link the past threads that mentioned litter differences.

If I do find anything else...I'll try the right click and copy idea and see what happens.
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And there is the extent of my advanced cat knowledge.....copying the advice of others......:tounge2:
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LOL! Deb thanks for yet another grin!
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Hey thanks! That helps a lot.
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I was also wondering what y'all do with the litter once you have scooped it. I heard that you're not supposed to dump it in the garbage but I don't know what else to do with it. Do you use a compost??? What else am I supposed to do?

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I never heard this before! If it's true, boy am I doing something wrong! I am anxious to hear some feedback from those of you 'in the know'.
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I never tried crystals. I like the no perfume, less tracking, scoopables.
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Kitty litter in compost does not sound good to me.
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Don't compost the litter. The acidity in the urine will kill your plants!

I use a clumping litter made out of wood. Because it is wood rather than clay, I think (hope) it is not so bad for landfills. Anyway, I scoop into a paper bag I keep in a sealed bucket, then I throw out the full bag on trash days. Because the bucket is sealed you would never know I have a bag full of poop and pee sitting in the basement!
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" I scoop into a paper bag I keep in a sealed bucket "

I use (strong) alum.foil for that.
I put a big strip infront and scoop on that
you just fold it to close after that. It does not smell and I just put it in the carbage.
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I put my scouped litter into waxed milk cartons or icecream round icecream cartons and put it out with the garbage daily.
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I double plastic grocery bags and scoop into them. We have one of those big, rolling barrels, from the city. If I'm dumping the boxes, I just take them outside and dump them in the barrel.
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I use World's Best Cat Litter and it is flushable. I just scoop and flush each time I use the bathroom so I don't even have to waste water. Becky
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hmm this is all very interesting. I scoop into a plastic grocery bag and after a few scoopings I tie it and throw it in the garbage cans.

I'm glad more people do what I do. I was feeling really guilty about throwing it all in the garbage, hoping that the garbage man wouldn't knock on my door and tell me that this wasn't allowed!

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Perhaps I should use a paper bag, since that would decompose better than plastic, but wouldn't the urine soaked clay soak through the paper bag? Then you'd have to plastic bag it wouldn't you???
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I use a litter that is flushable. You have to be careful not to flush too much at a time though.
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Flushable litter sounds like a great idea! I don't think we have that in the stores here, though yet. I always just throw mine in the garbage that is on the back porch. Then we take it out to the road for the trash pickup.

I like Tidy cats for multiple is scoopable and I can't ever smell it.
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I use wood stove pellets (just like feline pine, but not pine). It's not really scoopable, I just change it every 3 or 4 days. It never smells. Wood pellets are extremely absorbent, so you put in an inch of litter, and it absorbs everything. When you dump the box none is stuck to the bottom like with clay litter (I hate that!). It has no additives, it's compressed sawdust, so it has to be better for the environment than alot of the stuff out there. I use it for my chinchillas and guinea pigs too, it's good stuff, and you can't beat the price ($3 for 40 lbs).

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I use a litter made of wheat. You can't find it in stores, so the company has it delivered to me.

I meant to put this in my post up above.
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