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This year for me has also had a wonderful literary theme. I've decided to spend a large amount of my time reading graphic novels. There are three that have touched me beyond belief, and I'd like to share the first two with you today.

Maus I & II are written by Art Spiegelman, and are a graphic depiction of his father's experience of the Holocaust. The Jew's are mice, the Pols are pigs, and the Nazi's are cats. What this book does so effectively is that it takes a story that is horrible and gut wrenching and puts it into very simple terms. A child can grasp it, but an adult is able to find a deeper and more fulfilling story. If your child is studying the Holocaust in school, or is just interested in the WW2 time period these two books would be a wonderful selection for him or her.

Please pick them up. It's a wonderful journey.