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Well it took us 3.5 hours to decorate the tree (and 115 pictures later).
We baked 162 chocolate cookies and squeezed in dinner. I am sick from the greasy food we had and I found white vomit all over the one litter pan. Whoever it was left white paw marks as they left the room. No idea why it's white but they all played for 2 hours with mom and are acting normal.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxing. My body is just killing me.
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I'm a little late to the thread. I worked all day today. After work, I came home and took a shower then cooked some dinner. Then I went to bed, no kidding at 6pm I slept till just a little while ago and then woke up coughing (still a little sick). So i'm just waiting for the cold medicine to make me sleepy again then i'm off to bed I have work again in the morning. Hope all of you had a good day!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post

I think we may need photos of you and the sweater
Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I agree. asked for it! For those who didn't read my post earlier, but I went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Shockingly, I didn't come anywhere even close to having the ugliest sweater! I would like to point out that the cardinals are sequined, and that there are seed pearls sewn in to simulate snow...not the sleeve detail!

The sweater was so ugly, Sabina nearly fainted!
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Nice sweater!

I like the new hairdo!

Sabina is the cutest thing.
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I'm giving this a little bump since I don't think everyone got to see your sweater, Kelly.
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Oh my goodness Kelly, you need to start your own thread for that sweater

I love your hair, too......... and that pic of you and Sabina is just precious
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Just had to come back for a 2nd look of your lovely sweater, Kelly

Sabina could not be any cuter
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cute sweater!
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I thought I already posted this but Im not sure where it went or maybe it was in another thread .......

BUT I just wanted to say that both Kelly and Karen, both of your new hair styles look beautiful!!! I love them both!!

And Karen great photography behind you, too. I know thats some of your own personal work

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Awww Kelly did you remove your sweater picture? I missed it!
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