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The winter snugglies!

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This is most definitely not a complaint I just love how Maia cuddles up with me in bed! She loves to curl up under the blanket snuggly with me, at the very least on top and it is the cutest! Of course I can't move if she is snug and sleeping!
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Awww! Mine is a snuggler too...she waits until I'm asleep then snuggles right up next to my chest or in my arms depending on how I'm laying. It's sooo cute and sooo sweet....but my quality of sleep is way down right now because I keep waking up wanting to roll over but I just don't have the heart to move her very much. Sometimes I will roll or scoot away a little bit and she'll just get up, move to where I did, and plop right back down.
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Oh! Butzie loves to snuggle, too. She will nudge and get under my covers. Mostly she likes to make sure I am her human and will not let me budge during the night. So, she plants herself on my feet, chest, arms whatever will keep me from moving. Often hard to get a good night's sleep but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Tomas is normally a snuggly cat, but only with me. But I've been catching him curled up to DH lately. It makes me glad to know that he trusts DH that much since he's really more of a one person type of cat.
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I have 2 that like to sleep under the duvet with me, makes for a poor nights sleep, as they sandwich me in, and I like to turn quite a bit at night. Glad I am single, not sure where a bloke would fit in with these two!!
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Definitely can tell when the weather starts getting a little cold outside. Pusspuss is a permanent fixture on my chest or my husbands chest or side even and Widget is my "hat" he sleeps on top of my head on the extra pillow I keep back there.
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Awww! Mine always get on the bed when it turns cold. Just leave me room for my feet!
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