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Why is my kitty losing fur??

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I just discovered last night that my 10 month old female kitty whom we just got neutured is losing fur in a patch on her ear. The fur is comming off there in clumps, leaving a smooth bald spot.
I've read a bit, and it's not an allergy to fleas because she hasn't been scratching (except her ears when she had mites. She still scratches them yet the vet says they are gone.) We probably didn't neuture her too eary because we got it done at 9 months, and she was acting very mature.
God I hope it isn't ringowrm

-Sarah of Borg
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It could be a few things. It may be an allergy to food or something in the enviroment. If she's been scratching at all, it could be a yeast or bacterial infection of the ear. The only way to get to bottom of it for sure is to do an ear cytology for yeast or bacteria, and have them do a skin scraping of the area without hair to see if there's something going on with the skin.
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I'm glad to hear there's a million things it could be. She will have to see the vet!

-Sarah of Borg
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My Kitty just got checked for the same thing. The vet did a skin scraping and a fungal culture. He said he would he would check to see if it was just bacteria or possibly a ring worm , but wouldn't know for sure until a week. He also gave me some type of ointment for the moment. The only way for sure for you to find out is to take your kitty to vet so can check it out. Good luck!
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thing is that it hasn't gotten any worse at all, and so far it really isn't much. Just the tip of her ear.
And she would rather be dead then go to the vet, of course.
So I'll just wait until either it changes or gets worse before I do much. Maybe it'll grow back.

-Sarah of Borg
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my cat has had that same thing happen a few times. And It did just go away. The others are on the right track with the fungal/bacteria ideas. My cat seems to have gotten it in the winter months. She gets real dry skin in the winter when the heat is on in the house. I now keep a couple of humidifiers going for her and it has made a big difference. Either way dont let it get too bad.
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Sarah, i love your signature. That running cat is mesmerizing me.
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My cat is enjoying you're running cat! He really perked up when he saw it. Now he's attacking my typing fingers. Silly kitty!
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Do not count on fungal cultures!!! I adopted two kittens from a litter infested with ringworm and after two scrapings, they still demanded it was not ringworm, Until we all started getting it. My son is still healing spots on his jaw and knee. The cultures are never 100%.
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It is true, A scraping that is negative for fungal elements does not mean that the cat or person does not have a fungus. It just means that the fungus(if there is one) is not showing up under microscopic inspection. And at this point the doctor or vet would order a fungul culture if there are other medical signs pointing in that direction.
A culture is where you would take skin scraping and bits of fur and try to grow the fungus for identification.That is a long test that take 1 to 8 weeks.
And it is true that ring worm( which has nothing whatso ever to do with worms) can be passed from animal to human. It is usually treated with skin cream. This is what i know about the subject.I dont know everything tho.
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My cat had the exact same thing happen. He lost large clumps of hair all over his body. The vet narrowed it down to either an allergic reaction to food or to the anestesia (sp?) he was given when he was fixed. They ended up putting him on two medications and giving him a collodial oatmeal bath. He looks ten times better now.
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I was just going to ask you about a similar condition happening to my Cherry (Blue cream Persian- 8 months). She had a gastroentritis two weeks ago and she was hospitalized for a week. When I got her back, I noticed that her hair is tangled. When I tried to comb it as usual I found that it is falling as you describe it. Now almost all of her abdomen has a scanty hair. I am afraid it will infect other cats or us. I think I have to take her to the vet again.
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