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Please help me with my cat

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My cat Cowie is about a year and a half old now and in the last 2 months she has changed a lot. She has gotten very aggressive. Last week she pooped all over my clean clothes I had on my bed. I was doing like 13 loads of laundry and I hadnt put it away yet and she just pooped on it. Then the next day she pooped on dirty clothes that were on the floor. We just bought a new couch like 3 weeks ago that we usually keep a blanket on so it doesnt get messed up, but 2 days we didnt have it on. I left the cat in the house and left for about 5 hours. when my husband got home he asked me why the couch was wet. The cat had peed or sprayed or something on my couch. My husband doesnt have much patience for stuff like that and he thinks we should just get rid of her. But I dont want to get rid of her. I feel like that it would be like getting rid of my son just because he had an accident. I just need to make her stop peeing. What should I do?
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Have you thought very hard about what could possibly be causing the problem - like what changed in her world at the time she began to use the bed instead of the box? Did you change her litter to a scented one, or some new kind otherwise? Is she now having to share a box with another cat (and should have another box handy)? Did your husband or you do anything at all you can think of to upset her, or change her routines (not trying to blame you, just get to the source of things)? Have you changed her food or feeding times? Was something new put down close to her box a while ago that might make her nervous? If there's absolutely nothing you can come up with, you might ask your vet what he thinks, as cats can be unwell but not 'let on', and of course they can't explain what they're feeling to you. Hope it gets resolved - let us know what happens.
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Is your cat spayed? A year a half is late but maybe she has gone into heat and does not know how to deal with it.

Is she de-clawed? Sometimes de-clawed cats have litter box issues. Also how many boxes do you have? You might need an extra box if she is super finicky about clean litter.

It sounded from your post that she goes outside, does she have all her vaccinations?

If all this started two months ago either something has changed or she may be sick and need a trip to the vet.
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When you say she has gotten "aggressive" are you just referring to the inappropriate elimination or are there other symptoms?

A sudden change in personality is frequently a sign of illness in a cat. Especially if a formerly friendly cat becomes aggressive.

If the inappropriate elimination is the only problem, what litter are you using, where is the box located and did *anything* related to the box or litter or to the household in general change at about the time the problem started?
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You said that you just got a new couch: was it bought from a store, or did you get it from somewhere else? I'm thinking that if you bought it from another person, they may have had cats, and your kitty can smell their scent on the couch, and may resent it, and she's trying to mark her territory..

It could be any number of things also, like the others have mentioned..

There is also a possibility that there's something physically wrong w/ her: cats who are sick will urinate & deficate in other places beside their litterbox. It's their way of showing that they don't feel good. Any sudden odd bebavior is usually an indication that something's not right, and a cause for concern. I would suggest a trip to the vet to rule out any illnesses..

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I would guess that your cat could be sick. You might need to take her to the vet.
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My first thought was a vet visit, too. Going outside the box if often our first clue that there is a health problem. Please take her in as soon as you can. Let us know what happens. Sending lots of healthy vibes
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Is she spayed? If so, then maybe she needs a vet visit. Cats that start peeping in other places (then the litter box) usually have a UTI (urinary tract infection).
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Ok sorry it took me a while to respond. Ok so first of all, she doesnt use a litter box. We got rid of that about 5 months ago. She started to not use it because she came in and out all the time. She does have her vaccinations. The aggressive behavior i was referring to was she started scratching myself and my son and she tried to bite my husband. But she is actually better now. I think i am going to get her a vet appt. I just dont know what to take her in I dont have any boxes or anything. She will freak..

Any suggestions?
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It's always a good idea to have a litter box in the house, even if your cat goes outside. Sometimes they don't want to go outside - eg if there's another cat that makes them feel threatened or the weather is bad. Maybe your cat is being bullied outside and doesn't feel safe enough to toilet there. Given that you provide no box inside, she has little alternative but to just choose somewhere to go. Try providing a box to see if she uses it. But a vet visit is a good idea too in order to eliminate any health problems.
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