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Anything nice happen to you lately?????

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I thought it would be nice to post one (or a few) things that has happened today (or any other day) to make us smile.....

So many people unconciously do something nice for us, without wanting anything in return. Thinking about those things can sometimes make you smile, even when you are down.

1. There's a guy at the office who, will actually come up to you and ask you if he can get you a fresh cup of coffee. (which...BTW, he does go get for you!) It's a small gesture, but.....how sweet is that? And....he does it for anyone. It's not just a select few.

2. One of our neighbors does snow removal in the area. Sometimes, when he is driving by, he will do our driveway and head home. He doesn't even wait for us to go out and say 'thanks' he just hurries about his business and off he goes. And if you bump into him somewhere and try to pay him, he refuses to take anything.

3. There are times I have gone to work and found little pieces of paper on my desk folded up perfectly. When I open them, it's pictures of a smiley face. No names....just a smile to brighten my day.

Here's mine for all of you

Hope you all have a great day!

Do one nice thing for someone today and feel good for a very long time.......
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Awww those are nice things! I love it when people do nice things and I try to do them myself too.

I was in an australian cafe downtown and the girl working in there went all out to make sure I was comfortable, I have never had service like that before, it was just wonderful and I left the cafe feeling very happy.
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Kellye....good morning!

Is there nothing better in the world than a waitress who loves being a waitress?????
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Yea! Theres also a mexican restaurant we go to and theres 2 waiters in particular who are so nice, I have watched them and they make sure that everyone is comfortable, they even touch you in a way that makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. I love those guys! And if we see them around, they wave to us and say hello.

Good Morning to you too Ghys!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Staff like that should be announced to the boss. The boss may know that he has good staff, but he doesn't really see it. Compliments from patrons go a long way in advancing their career!
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Thanks you two, what a happy thread.....

We just had a huge load of hay we went to fetch in our trailer. As we pulled into our driveway, our neighbors 3 boys saw us, and came hot footing it over to help us unload the bales. We were grateful for the help, but had not asked for any because, after all it was our responsibilty and no one elses. After they finished helping (and they mostly did all of it) Mike took them in the shop and gave them each a pocket knife.The smiles on their faces were so wide!
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Tamme, you are right. I am the type that will make sure that the boss knows because one day....years ago, I was that same employee and I remember the feeling I had after being told what a great job I was doing. I beamed with pride for a long, long time. And all because of a few nice words.

Hissy....that's great that the neighbors boys came to help
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I can't imagine anyone loving being a waitress/waiter, but I really do appreciate those who at least make it seem like they love it. The same to people who work on their feet at a cash register all day and keep a cheery attitude at it. They amaze me!

Also the people who work call centers. I know a few of you here do this job. The fact that I call people who I know have been griped at, berated, and harassed all day long and yet they are still very pleasant and helpful is really great. I hate calling compnaies with a complaint or problem, but when people make me feel like they are happy to help it makes me feel good about being their customer. My hat's off to you!

I had a customer write my boss a letter about me and a few other employees once. It was so nice. They even printed in our newletter (which I thought was weird, but what the heck!). It was really great!
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My cat coming home this week is the VErY BEST thing that has happened to me this week.
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When I got stuck dressing up as a raisin at school yesterday, I was told by several that I was the best raisin. Proving once again that I have a superior ability to make an a$$ out of myself.
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OMG....Deb, do you have pictures?????

Auburn....'ooops' okay, maybe not "loves her job" but "acts like she loves her job???'

KC65...can it get any better than that???? I'm so happy for you.
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Originally posted by Deb25
When I got stuck dressing up as a raisin at school yesterday, I was told by several that I was the best raisin.
Now that's a quote you don't see everyday!! That is soooo funny!

I think I have to honestly say that the best thing that happens to me everyday is my partner Rob. I have known him for 7 years, and he is as sweet, loving, caring, as when we first met. He never is angry and takes everything in stride. He says he doesn't want to waste any time he has on such negativity!! He's absolutely adorable!

I have my *not so great moments*. I know, I know your all in shock!! But yes, I do have some evil monthly tendencies!!!


And Rob is always there asking if he can give me a massage, or make dinner. He is the ultimate model for male cloning!! I could not have found a more thoughtful soul to share my life with. And without him, I'm not complete!

(OK, I'm getting a little mushy and not myself, but Valentine's is right around the corner! Woohoo! )

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The way my husband,Ted,love me every day,no matter how b...... I am!
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Awwwww....it's so nice to hear about hubby's being extra nice/special. Mine is too!
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I'm bringing this up today because I am thankful for.....

I'm not feeling good today and hubby got up early with the boys. And right now, he has taken them away for the afternoon so I can rest.

He's my angel today

(I just have to make sure he doesn't catch me on the computer instead of tucked up in bed!)
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It is so good to read about all the nice things people do! What a great thread!!! And Deb...I want a picture of you as a raisen!!!

I can't think of anything really nice that has happened to me lately, other than I did get a refund check back from the clinic, because it turns out that my health insurance had already paid it! That made me happy!!!

I hope you are feeling better today Ghyslaine! *hugs*
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