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How long is your cats tail?

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I'm pretty sure there's been a thread like this before, but I thought it would be fun to do it again. I was just sitting and petting the kitties and noticed that Woodwards tail just looks long.

I'm gonna go get some measurements and I'll post my kitties measurements. So, how long is your kitty's tail?

Here are mine:

Tabitha (1 yr. old) - 11.5 inches
Lilly (2 yr. old) - 10.5 inches
Grabat (6 yr. old) - 11 inches
Leo (1 yr. old) - 11 inches
Spooky Bear (1 yr. old) - 12 inches
Spike (10 mon. old) - 13 inches
Garfield (7 mon. old) - 11.5 inches
Captain Squishy (7 mon. old) - 11 inches
Lieutenant Bear (7 mon. old) - 9 inches
Roxy (6 mon. old) - 9 inches
Sofia (6 mon. old) - 9 inches
Taco (5 mon. old) - 9 inches
Woodward (5 mon. old) - 10 inches
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My measurement isn't very accurate as it consisted of comparing the length I measured of part of my cell phone charger wire to an 11.5 in piece of paper...but I got:

Mia: 9 mo, 11.5 in
Marble: 9 mo, 12.5 in.
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We did this a few months ago. Aritotle's tail is 14 inches and Topaz's is about 9 inches.
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Oh yeah, exactly how do you measure a cat's tail when they are moving it around and trying to attack the tape measure?

As close as I could tell (while sitting on them to get them to hold still):

Darcy (9mos) 10 inches
Marcie (1.5yrs) 12 inches
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Baloo is 5 months old, measured his tail and it is 12" long. I always thought he had an usually long tail.
Thing with Baloo is that the last 3" of his tail hangs over and he can't straighten it up. It looks like a question mark (?).
Oh, well, it's just one of those little things that make him a cutie~patooty
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hehe. Chynna just gave me a diry look!

She's 15 years and her tail is 9 inches from base to tip. Not counting the furry part at the tip.
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Blossoms is 11 1/4 inches without the hair & 12 3/4 with hair.
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Haha you should of seem me trying to measure my cats tail! LOL

BooBoo Is 12.5 inches
Eeks is 4.5 Maybe a little short huh?
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Magnum 11.5" with fur
Boomer 12"
Bumper 11"
Scully 14" without fur, 15.5" with fur
Autumn 12" without fur, 13" with fur
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Riley's was 12" before, but I will have to measure it again. Not sure if the tail keeps growing with the rest of the body
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well, since all but 1 of mine is grown, i'm assuming they're all the same as they were last time [save Firefox, but i'm at school so i'll have to post her new length later]
Pixel -
Chip - 11.5"
Cable - 12"
Java - 10.5"
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Baby's tail is 10 inches long.

Tiny... has a tail. And claws. And, apparently, a deathly fear of rulers.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
Baby's tail is 10 inches long.

Tiny... has a tail. And claws. And, apparently, a deathly fear of rulers.
ok, i measure Firefox's tail last night. it's doubled in size [from what i could tell - she has an antipathy towards tape measures] to a whopping 7 inches!
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