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buffy wont stop crying

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Buffy is one year old and just recently she miaows really loud and I dont know why.She starts at 5 o'clock in the morning and doesn't stop till I go to bed.She is well fed and always has water or milk in her dish.Buffy is an indoor cat.She goes on to the balcony to use her litter tray,then comes straight back in again.I have had cats before,but never one so clingy.Some of you might say that it is nice to have such a loving cat,but she wants constant attention..she even cries outside the bathroom door until i let her in.She has me & my kids up at 5 every morning & it is starting to wear me out.
I have had her since she was a few days old.Her previous owner was going to have her destroyed.
I love buffy,but I am at my wits end.Can someone please help???
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Is she spayed? If not, she may be in heat. They can also cry like that if something is wrong. It could be a medical problem such as stomach problems or something you can't see. COuld you give a little more detail as to her being spayed and her habits.
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If she has been spayed and isn't sick, perhaps it was the routine she had with the previous owner.

Was she fed at that time in the morning? If so you can gradually shift the feeding time to an hour reasonable to buffy and you. Just gradually move the time later and later of when you feed until you have the desired time.

Russell was a farm kitten and he used to wake at dawn meowing and wanting food...I thought I wouldn't last. But in the end we compromised, he gets fed at 7AM.

If it's not feeding, then it could be that the meowing is a cry for attention. This is especially the case if she normally gets attention at the first little sound she makes. It's not your fault if this happens, we're all guilty of it at some stage or another. But it can lead to kitty demanding attention.

Start by giving attention to buffy when she is quiet and ignore her during loud meows. Or when she meows, talk to her, not cuddle her or pet her. Give her a cuddle when she approaches you without making a fuss.

To lessen dependence, you could try encouraging her to play with a toy instead of seeking a cuddle in an attempt to show her that there are other good things besides cuddles and attention.

I hope some of this helps.

Good luck.
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As was said here - first thing to check is if there's any medical problem (assuming she is properly spayed - and sometimes spayed cats are not properly spayed and can still go into heat).

If you're sure it's nothing physical - then check out my reply down here:

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I am having the same trouble with my cat. He's a year and a half old and just recently started meowing all the time and constantly wanting attention. I didn't see that you mentioned another kitty. If this is an only kitty do you think a playmate would help? I'm considering this.
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Tracie please read my reply in your other thread:

Those of you who wish to comment on introducing a new cat please do so in the other thread as to avoid duplicate posts.

Thank you.
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