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Snow Day

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Well...I guess it's my lucky They are expecting anywhere from 4-8" of snow in our area today They closed all the local schools, and they also closed the Coast Guard academy and the Subase. I LOVE it when I get the day off and get paid
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Sandie, you're so right. Hurray for snow days! Nothing luck an unexpected 3 day weekend, and still getting paid helps! Of course, now we have another day added to the end of the school year, but for today it's a good thing.
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Its snow day here too. Jake has no school.
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Thread Starter about 630 I realized we were out of cream for the coffee. We have a little market around the corner, so I put a coat on over my jammies (flannel pants and a t shirt) and ran to the store before they close for the day. I must have looked like a real idiot
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Tsk! Tsk! Never run out of cream for the coffee!

Well, no snow down here, obviously, but we are off from school for a more ridiculous reason: Children's Day at the State Fair.
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Wait, they close the school for a State Fair Children's Day? Boy talk about a ditch day of major proportions!
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I bet the kids love that!
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No snow, no wind, no rain. Just a blah day.
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About 10 years ago, it was actually closed for Gasparilla Day, which is Tampa's homegrown version of Mardi Gras. There is a huge parade, and pirates take over the city. The whole thing has grown so much that it actually spans a week of events, including a children's parade (because the regular one has gotten too raunchy for the tots....there's a scad of drinking and women baring themselves for beads). Anyway, all the major events happen on the weekends now. So, it's Fair Day we get instead. Of course, the schools in the easternmost part of the county are ot off today, but they get their day in a month for the Strawberry Festival, the county fair. Many of the strawberry growers hail from out there.

Come on people, without snow we go to great lengths to think up meaningless reasons to get out of school! All this AND we get out in May.....
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Later, this month, local kids get a 4-day weekend for La Fiesta de los Vaqueros, our big rodeo. Its been this way, for about 75 years.

A lot of local kids compete and all of the schools' marching bands are in the parade, as well as the schools' clubs.
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Well, here on Cape Cod we are expecting 10-12 inches. Everything is shut down, no school, and hopefully hubby will get out early! I actually have to go out, UGH. I need to get to the bank to deposit my paycheck, or else BOUNCE goes the bills!!

To everyone here in the northeast, enjoy the beautiful white fluffy stuff. Unless of course you are shoveling it!:tounge2:
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I think I am going to kill hubby. Last night I was throwing out the litter and as I was in my jammies, I didnt want to go outside to throw the litter in the trash can, so I waited for him to get off the computer. When he gets off, he acts like he didnt know I had the litter, so I ended up going outside in my jammies and slippers in the snow. I fell over and twisted both knees and my back. And then he laughs at me. I am okay, but I wish he would have helped me!
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Enjoy your paid day off! Sorry to say but the high here today will be around 75.
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Well, it's 11 and it's still coming down pretty hard. It's unusual for us to get this much snow near the coast. It's just one of those days. I havnt gotten dressed, I have my hot cup of Chai and I watched Dr. Phil:tounge2:
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Oh crud! I missed Dr. Phil!
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When is Dr Phil on? I watched him last night on Jay Leno.
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It was a good one too...had to do with dealing with children
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What channel?
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Go ahead, rub it in. Here, it's on NBC, I think at 10 a.m. eastern
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It was snowing here Wednesday night and one of my co-workers fell on some ice underneath the snow. When she fell her knee made a cracking noise and for the rest of the night she was in a lot of pain, couldn't bend her knee, and had to sleep in a chair. Of course she wasn't able to come to work yesterday, so we were all really worried about her and thought that she might have a fractured leg. She finally did go to the doctor and found out that she had torn some ligaments(sp?) and should be able to work again on Monday.

My supervisor was really happy to hear that news!
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He's on CBS at 3pm where I'm at.
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In the Pittsburgh area he's on at 10 A.M. on ABC. Hmmm--fickle guy, huh? I enjoy his program.
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