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hello new guy here with a few questions  

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hello, im new to this site i just had to take my cat to the vet this week. they had to do surgery to remove stones from his gall bladder. he came home a day later then the next day i had to take him back because he couldnt use the bathroom. and wasnt eating or drinking they did an x-ray and found another stone in the urethea. so today they pushed the stone back in and went back in to remove it then i get a call this afternoon that his kidneys are acting up and hes very largic it could be from strees they said or kidney failure or dietbiteis. theyre giveing him fluids to try and wash his system out im dieing here this is like my son is this normal after a operation ? is he going to pull thru?
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I have no words of wisdom for you, but wanted to welcome you to TCS. Also praying your baby recovers fully.

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Sounds like your poor boy is having a really tough time of it! Both of my boys have developed crystals in their bladders. Frantic had magnesium crystals so they both went on maintenance food. Then Pipsqueek developed crystals in reaction to the food (acidic crystals) that were so big, you could see them with the naked eye.

This is a harsh diagnosis, but it is curable. It will be a few days before his bladder and urethra relax enough to pee. When that happens, you'll jump for joy! Expect a lifetime change in his diet. No more dry food for him.

Sending healing vibes and coping vibes TCS vibes are very strong.
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and for you and him

Males and Uti issues are common... I agree NO DRY FOOD .... many wets avail are purrrfectly balenced for this issue
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thanks for the well wishes im hopeing and praying that he can beat this. but looking at him yesterday i dont know. i hope it was just the anastesia from his surgery yesterday and what was left from his surgery tuesday that had him so lafargic his blood sugar monday before his first surgery was 107 then they call me yesterday telling me that hes diebetic his blood sugar was almost 300, but it could be from the strees of all hes been thru in the last week they have him on a i.v pumping fluids thru him trying to wash all the bad things out of his kidneys. they dont know if his kidneys are trying to shut down or if its from the surgery and stress. im sorry for the long post i havent slept all night has anyone elses feline friend been thru this like this? if so did they recover ? i lost one already this year i dont know if i could handle another now
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I am so sorry that you and your sweetie pie are going though this health crisis.
I have not experienced this specific issue with my cats but am sending lots of healing vibes to your kitty and calming thoughts to you.
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thank you im waiting for the vet to call and give me an update on him. they only call when theres bad news. they have been open for an hour now so no news is good news right??
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Sadly...Fat Cat crossed to the Bridge.
I am so sorry for your loss.


RIP Fat Cat
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