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Baby Flowerbelle

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Found this pic while browsing around today.... I forgot how little she was! She'd been living with us several months in this pic - and we both totally forgot she used to "ride around" in the hood of Gary's robe!

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Awwwwwww that precious tiny baby girl
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What a darling! Those tiny-kitty-on-big-daddy-shoulder pics are too adorable!
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Here are a few more baby Flowerbelle w/Daddy pics:

Look at the smile on this kitty!

Talk about relaxed!

...and I've posted this picture somewhere before, but it wasn't in my photobucket, so it must not have been up for quite some time. It's just she is SUCH an angel here!

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Oh Laurie those pics are treasures ....... just absolutely ADORABLE!!!
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What an itty-bitty thing she was.
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Awww, what a precious baby girl.
I know your heart just melts when you look a Flowerbelle's kitten pictures.
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Oh my gosh - has she gotten cuter with time or have I just forgotten what an adorable baby she was?!?!
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what a sweet little girl!!!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post

OMG !!!

Where the hell was my cuteness factor?
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What a little cherub she was - riding around in the hood, how cute!!!
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OMG she was so tiny. Awww does she still cuddle with daddy like that?
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Originally Posted by TigerLord View Post
OMG !!!

Where the hell was my cuteness factor?
You forgot the cuteness alert!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
You forgot the cuteness alert!!
Ooops! Sorry 'bout that!

Poor baby was sooooooo sick back then. It took her months to recover from everything she had. Sunburn, the bite on her leg, malnourishment, parasites, lung worm, some growth in her neck, the effect of the herpes virus, especially in her right eye.... She lived in our bed, and we used to carry her to the litter box, fed her in bed, and give her water to drink out of a bottle cap.

She still loves to drink water out of a bottle cap, and meows for it like a treat numerous times a day, the little nut!

But sadly, no, she's not as snuggly. As her health improved, her energy levels went up. When we finally had her eye removed, her energy levels went up 1000%! She loved playing FAR more than cuddling at that point!

She still often likes to be picked up, and she'll ride around on my shoulder for a little while. But until the last year or so (she's four now), she MUCH preferred to "pet" us (by licking us) rather than being petted. It's only within the last year that she's really come to enjoy being petted, and will bump and push back for more. ....and that's only when she's been napping.

At night she will come down from her little basket and sleep on us - curled up in the crook of either my knee or Gary's - sometimes on us - our lower back or butt.

She doesn't purr 100% of the time any more - but she purrs for play, for pets, for food (dinner or treats) - and her water treat! It's just too funny, listening to her purr as she tries to eat or drink.

Like I said in her bio - she's LOVES being alive, and is busy driving us nuts living life to the fullest.

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Ever such a sweetie!!
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She was adorable as a tiny kitten and just gorgeous now!
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