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Prayers please for the Ripster???

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One of my ferals is injured. She apparently ripped her belly open on a nail? (the vet suspects) or a piece of wire. When it stops raining, I will walk the fence line and look for any jagged pieces that might have done this damage to her.

She will be at the vets a few days recovering. Her entire belly was ripped open, but THANK GOD it only went into the fat wall and not the vital organs. The vet is such a nice guy and since we are tapped money-wise, he will let us put up horse fencing in payment. Please pray for Rip, she did lose some blood and she is so sore that for now she has forgotten she is supposed to be feral and a terror. Which I know the vet is sure glad of- he calls her Rip the Terrorist from other visits.
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So sorry to hear about this! Poor little kitty - she must be in pain and scared, but I'm glad she's not seriously wounded.

Give her a kiss for me when you see her!
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Oh poor baby!! I hope she's resting well now. I am sure she will be good as new in no time. What with such a loving parent...she will be playing before you know it. It's nice to hear some vets actually do care about the animals and not just the money.
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Surely I'll pray for you and your brave little Rip. She'll recover, soon, and become a kindest terrorist in the world!

With love:
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of course your baby is in my prayers! poor little angel. hope she heals quickly!
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Oh Hissy....I will say a prayer for the poor cat tonight....how awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know how it goes with her!
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Oh my gosh. Poor baby and poor you. Prayers are being sent for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.

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Hissy; My prayers are with you and your litle Ripster. May she be back home good as new very soon. She is so lucky she was found before the cut got infected. May the guardian angels of all feral cats keep an extra hand on her.
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I'm sorry to hear that Rip is injured. She's so fortunate that you were there to care for her! Please let us know how she's doing after she comes home.

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