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Not sure what I'm having tonight. I have some poached salmon frozen, so I might have that. But I've been kind of craving spaghetti with that canned Catelli Meat Sauce. It's the only canned pasta sauce that I like. But if I have the spaghetti I have to go to the store to buy spaghetti and the sauce. hehe Not sure if I'm feeling up to that... it's pretty cold!
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Spaghetti, made with a jar of left-over sauce, and frozen green beans (from my garden). Wish I had some garlic bread! I'm eating sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding as we "speak". Wow, Margecat, live it up...
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Tonight I am making pan fried potatoes with fresh garlic and onion, eggs and maybe biscuits and sausage gravy
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Homemade pepperoni stuffed crust pizza ... Mmmmmmmmm
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Ham, potatos and creamed corn.
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There's chicken left from Friday night -- it warms nicely; there are nugget potatoes also left from Friday -- they fry up nicely; we'll need a fresh veg -- some carrots. Easy dinner. Got a couple of ripe mangoes -- I'll do something with them for dessert.
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Frozen pizza tonight for us
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I made a chicken/vege soup the other day, but not your typical chunks of vege and chicken. I cooked up and blended asparagus/carrot/broccolli and also added some minced garlic/avocado i had left over for flavour and some salt/pepper. Then i got some chicken/vege burger patties id bought for seperate meals, minced them up and cooked them in the pot then blended it up with the veges. Added a little lite cream for smoothness.

Now that sounds weird, but it taste splendid, and looks like something i'd buy in a resteraunt!!'

That's what i'm having tonight
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We went house hunting tonight for our new home, so after that I came home and showered (i had to go look at houses straight from work) and Colin ran to Lowes for a bit. On the way home he picked up some Captain D's for us
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Red bell peppers stuffed with orzo, feta, tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil and dill. Served with a tossed salad with a red wine vinegar/oil dressing.
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