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Pregnant? I don't know

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I have a multicat household and most of them are fixed. I found a stray male kitten that needed alot of TLC. He had an URI and was pretty skinny and fragile. Toby, is doing great and I scheduled him to be fixed on Monday....Well Toby and my unfixed female Candy have been good buddies. I thought he was to young, but I caught them "in the position".
Now, Candy has gotten extremely loveable and is acting like she is starving. I noticed a little weight gain. Do you think this is a sign that she is preggers. If so , she is probably two weeks along. I go to a low-cost spay /neuter clinic. They are booked solid. I had a hard time getting Toby in. Candy will be done the next visit if she is not pregnant. Help?
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They don't usually gain weight noticably until around 5 weeks, so I think you may be looking into this a bit too much. On the other hand, she could be pregnant.....

Get her to the vets to have an ulrasound or an x-ray done (skeletons can be seen on x-ray and is a bit cheaper apparently)

I'm not sure pregnancy signs show this early, but I don't know.
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Male and female kittens can and do sometimes breed when only 4 months old. Sounds like your little male is not so innocent! Have your female checked out. You didn't say their ages, but it would be a lot better to spay her even if pregnant then to have to raise a litter of more kittens and spay/neuter them before they leave your house....and keep them till a minimum of 10-12 weeks old.

A male will get an unfixed female pregnant within 30 days of being neutered - I'd forgo a few Christmas presents and put the money into getting the male and female taken care of!
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If by chance she is pregnant..I will not abort them...I volunteer for my local humane society and they have a wonderful success rate of adoption. Atleast 70 Cats/Kittens a month. The fee is a little high but the animals are fixed..all shots and microchiped.
I am taking care of a mom and 3 kittens that were outside last month in the cold. Candy is just acting weird lately..maybe cuz she is in love...LOL!!
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When did you find them "in position"? Was it a while ago?? If I had one that was pregnant I wouldn't fix them at that time either! Kittens are great! Keep us posted!
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Well, Toby was neutered today..he is doing great. The girls are going in January...they are totally booked for December..I will NOT abort kittens. If she is prego we will do whatever it takes to get good homes for the kittens. I think she is just gaining weight..she likes to eat!!
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Im so glad he is doing good! Ya got any pics of her getting chubby? hehe
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Glad to hear Toby is doing well. Please keep them separated until the girls are spayed. Male cats can remain fertile for a month or so after neutering.

When my parents took in my Molly, after a month or so my mother was concerned that Molly was pregnant as she was getting a bit of a tummy. When we took her the vet, it turns out she was already spayed. She was just filling out because she was getting regular meals for a change.
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