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Since marrying Keith (who's from the UK) tea has become a staple at our house I like it with a little milk, although tea with cream and a scone is nice.
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I like English or Irish Breakfast tea brewed really strong with a dab of half and half (or whatever milk is on hand)

I like Sleepytime and green tea straight up

I like peppermint sun tea (brewed on a summer day out in the sun) straight up

I like my regular chai with soymilk and my green tea chai with light vanilla soy milk
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I chose with artificial sweenener only but it just depends.

I like my iced tea with a very small amount of sweetener or none at all.

Hot tea, I like it sweet.. And when I have a sore throat, sweetened with honey and lemon juice.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
You Goober

Thats exactly how I make my iced tea. Yum iced tea....... growing up I think I had iced tead everyday of my life.

I love hot tea too, but I use spenda in hot tea.
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Regular black tea, I like a little milk and 2 sugars.
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Being from Missouri and that area, I drink sweet tea, preferably iced. I do like it other ways and other teas, but I always come back to this as my fave. Daphne tries to drink it! Have to have it in a covered mug now - think she's a little caffeine addict
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Another Alabamian here, Gotta have it cold and sweet with most meals, but love hot tea any other time, also sweet and with milk!
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Hot tea, I drink with nothing added, I don't drink iced tea.
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Iced tea, I LOVE sweet!

Hot tea, I drink it with a little milk and lots of sugar

I'm a sugar-baby
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After reading this thread I had a craving for "sweet" tea. So on Saturday I made myself a pot of tea with Splenda and milk in it. I just finished it today. I sure didn't enjoy it very much, but I can't stand wasting things so I drank it I'll stick with just milk from now on.

Funny though. Years ago I always drank tea or coffee with milk and sugar/sweetener. Not sure when or why I stopped adding sweetener. I have tried to eliminate the milk from both too, but I just can't. Even if it's just a little milk in it, it seems to cut down the bitterness.
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I love hot tea, but you can keep the cold stuff, sweet or otherwise. I never heard of sweet tea til I moved down south. Tried it, didn't like it.
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Depends on the kind of tea...if it's herbal, I'll usually take it without milk, but maybe sweetener, if it's based on a black tea, I'll use both.
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I like hot tea sweet and I won't drink it unless it's fruity and cold tea I like LOTS of sugar.
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All teas and coffees have to have Sweet and low. Don't know why, can't stand sugar splenda or things like that. Coffee has to have creamer too.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Do you like it sweet or with milk? Plain?

Being originally from the Southern part of the U.S., I like sweet tea! I drink hot tea now (it is chilly at our house year 'round) and add some local wildflower honey. Mmmm...

How do you like your tea?
i drink my own version of 'sweet tea'. i find that tea sweetened w/sugar makes me thirstier... so i use some form of saccharin to sweeten mine. by the glass here at school or at restaurants, but i sweeten it by the pitcher at home.
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Just a bit of milk for me. I can't drink it black, it leaves a yucky aftertaste.
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Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
I never heard of sweet tea til I moved down south. Tried it, didn't like it.

The first (and only) sweet tea I have ever liked was Red Diamond Sweet Tea.
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I usually put a dab of sugar in my tea without milk. Now with coffee it's tons of sugar and some milk.
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