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Foot Pain?

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I know I should go to the doctor, but I'm really not much of a doctor person. Plus I did ask my doc about it in June 06 & she said it was nothing, but I have this painful spot on the top of my foot. It doesn't hurt all the time. Mostly when I'm walking on it. It's hard to explain, but it's really starting to annoy me. It's about halfway back on my foot between my last & second to last toes? Any ideas. My two thoughts are Stress fracture or arthritis.
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You could have stiffness in your TMT joints which is usually caused by the way you are walking. What sort of footwear do you generally wear? Your shoe should have a slight heel and some arch support. Even at that, you may need extra support than a regular shoe so a pair of insoles with rearfoot and arch support might help.
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I never thought about that. I'm extreemly flat footed. Most of the time I wear tennis shoes, or Work Boots (I usually do have arch supports in those). I replace my Tennies about every 6 months. I will wear them once a week at the shelter on Thursdays for 3 months & then switch them to my every day shoes for 3 months & get a new pair of shelter shoes.
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SAS shoes have been a Godsend for me- you might look into getting a pair! I've had mine for 5 years now and they are just now torn up to where i need a new pair (i'm going to get one soon).

Also- please don't let your feet get worse- foot issues are nothing to mess around with. I had surgery on both of my feet when i was 18 (years of dancing and sports did me in). I have to have another one done on my left one most likely in a few years. Good shoes/insoles can go a long way to helping with the pain. Good soaks in epsom salt help too! (i'm flat footed like you)

I never wear shoes around the house- only slippers - they are a lot more gentle on my feet- maybe that would help you? It's also a good idea to elevate your legs/feet for a few minutes every day to take some of the pressure/stress off them! Good luck! Go see a doctor!
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If you go to see a doctor make sure he or she specialises in foot problems or otherwise you'll be given painkillers and sent on your way. If you're flat footed it means your foot is too mobile when walking and you're lacking stability so your joints are struggling to keep you in check.

I'd see a physiotherapist that specialises in foot pain or a podiatrist.
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Check into getting an orthotic for that foot. They are created from a mould of your foot and can be transferred from shoe to shoe. They help immensely. Here you need a doctor prescription for them. I recently got one for my left foot which I had broken a couple years ago and which gave me daily grief and pain when I walked on it. The orthotic seems to be helping and I can spend more time on my foot now. My foot gets "tired" and "fatigued" but it's not painful like it was.
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If it is still bothering you, you might mention it to your doctor again. Ask if you can get it looked at by a specialist. Sometimes by asking, your doctor will agree.
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