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Cat is mad

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Wow I just tried for the 1st time after the vet showing me and reading online how to do so to clip my cats razor blades. I got 1 foot done,she was very upset ,had friend hold her while i cut,any ideas on something easier?
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Take is slow. You cat needs to get used to you touching her paws. When I do my two, I get my SO to hld them, and stroke them while I get on with it.

Another suggestion is to do it while she is sleepy.
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Oh yeah, don't do it on your schedule. Wait until she is asleep or in a cuddly mood, then just be very casual. Do as many as you can until she wakes up too much or gets annoyed. I can do all of my cat's claws in one sitting now as we sit on the couch snuggling. If it is made into a bad experience, then it will remain hard to do.
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I do it how Sohni said, but as insurance, I keep a few treats on hand, as well. Since I clip his claws by myself, I need all the backup I can get. I find if he wakes up too much or gets too pissy, I offer him the treats and he'll put up with it a little longer. If he's more awake/alert to begin with, I sit on the couch, right near the arm, and have him in my lap.. lured by treats. I put a treat on the arm so when his paws settle go up on it, I wrap my arm around him and grasp his paw and work as quickly as I can. I don't clip much, just the very tips to dull it. I do it about once or twice every two weeks, depending on his moods.
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There is also the phased approach. Trim one paw one day and the other the next. Sometimes, I've had to take several days where I only get a couple of claws each sitting. After awhile, you will get more in one sitting.

Also, each day, just play with their paws seeing if any need a trim.
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Try wrapping her in a towel (mummy style). Yeah, most cats don't want to have the nails clipped. But if you are patient and check and clip every week, then they learn to tolerate it.

Ling has been getting her's done since 5 weeks old and STILL complains (she is 2 1/2 yrs now) about getting nails clipped. I just tell her to shut up and sit still - she still grumbles after that
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They get better with it in time... first time was a pain, figuring out how I was going to pin him, grab him, and cut all at once (I live alone so it's just me to do all this) I catch Seamus when he is groggy.. grab treats, give him one as I grab the first paw and clip away. I have to pin him down on the couch as he growls at me, but he lets me get both front at once and we're done in a minute and he's all better minutes later. He won't let me even touch his paws for a few days without jumping, but he forgets by the time I have to do it again.
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Pixel, is great about having her nails trimmed. Sits still and just lets mommie work. Widget on the other hand is a towel boy most the time. You learn a lot with one cat, so by the time you get another you've learned from your mistakes. At least in my case.
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Once Hennessy is in happy-petting-time bliss he's easily put on his back and clipped. I swear sometimes I think I learned kitty hypnosis somewhere.
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When our cats are little I get them used to having their paws touched and caressed since cats mostly don't like their paws touched. The first few times will be awkward and the cat probably realizes how nervous we are. As you get more comfortable doing it, they will probably be more comfortable too.

I can easily do Bijou's claws now without even holding on to him. If he's laying on the table, I can just pick up each paw and clip away.
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do it when she is sleeping! and when she wakes walks away and ignore her, go back when she is back asleep and do some more...
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There is also a pet grooming bag you can get at Fosters & Smith. It has two zippers in the front and one in the back so you can access their legs. I use it to put drops in Geran's ear, he really doesn't like them.
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