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Can I ask you a question sharky?

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I am sure that a lot of us feed our cat(s) what WE think is the best for them. I was reading on another thread that this is one of the BEST dry kitten foods out there, and I have to say I think I disagree (in my limited knowledge of catfood). It is not a terrible food, but not the best. I think what I am feeding is better (and it is the same brand lol). I did not bring it up on the other thread because I don't want to be argumentative. I do worry that someone saying that "this is the BEST" could mislead someone. Anyway, the main reason I am asking is because this food is a little cheaper than what I am using. (Not by a whole lot, but a little).
Anyway, this is the product that was mentioned:
and this is what I am feeding:
Is my food really better or is it just in my head?
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It comes DOWN to the individual cat...

I use Natural choice kitten with Zoey due to a wheat allergy .. I also CANNOT use the NC indoor with her due to soy...

If there are no allergies and $$ is an issue Max is a premium without a big $$ ... I tend to recommend it over the indoor since wheat is highly digestable compared to soy and there are no studies saying wheat can cause other issue s like there are with soy...

the indoor has soy to aid in bone health so it has a legit reason...
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Okay. Just one more question. What about the natural choice (not indoor) versus the indoor, is soy the only difference regarding ingredients?
Maybe I will start buying the max as well and mix the 2 and see how they do.
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the indoor also has l carnitine in the adult ,wt mgmt and senior fomulas and more veggie fiber plus more vitamin d
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This may sound silly and forgive me for it, but Raven has such a beautiful coat, I am afraid to switch her food.
We have not seemed to have any issues, their wet food seems to make them both gassy, but I have been feeding meow mix and friskies wet pouches. But I have their upcoming spay and nueters that I need to save up for. I want to feed them really good food, but I am starting to worry about how much money it is costing.
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If the coats are good ... leave the dry alone...

if you buy in big cans youll often save 20-40 cents ... Natural choice in a 12 oz at the feed store is 1.29 yet the 5.5 is 89 cents... big saving s... If you have a pet store that carries Natura you can buy the big cans of dog / cat and save alot too /...

likely youll need to find simplier wet .. see there dry is chn and rice but your giving meat by product and fish heavy wets
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post

likely youll need to find simplier wet .. see there dry is chn and rice but your giving meat by product and fish heavy wets
That makes sense, and I am sure explains the gassiness.
I am still debating whether or not to keep feeding a wet, they sure enjoy their wet breakfast, I have taken away the bistro feeder (gravity feeder) and have been measuring out their dry food as well in the eveing and I can see how they are eating that as well. Jack is able to chew his dry food finally.
Argh, I just don't know. I see them both drink water, we just live somewhere where the vet costs are much more than they were "back home".
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keep checking about $$ at vets ... here within 3 miles one charges 55 an office visit one 40 and one 34.. and the cheaper one s are better vets
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Okay, so like usual I thought of another question. I have been feeding a variety of flavors of their wet food (again, meow mix and friskies). Do you think it would make a difference if I only fed them chicken (or poultry) wet food (in addition to their high quality dry)?
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less smell maybe
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