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How much should I feed Moist Food?

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I have recently started adding moist food to my five month old kittens diet. I leave a full bowl of dry food in their dish...I'm mixing science diet with Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Kitten right now and once the science diet runs out it will be all Nutro Natural from here on in. Nutro was the only canned food that didnt make them throw up or have excessive gas, so I am going to be consistent and use the dry food too. I let them share the small Nutro Kitten wet cans about every other day. My question is should I be giving them a certain amount of food a day or do cats decide how much they eat? and then how often and how much should I give of the wet food? These are the first cats that I have the say on what food to give them and how much, since my old cat was my whole families cat and my mother made the decision. He was overweight even though we limited his food and fed him diet food, and he was a very active outdoor cat (who ate his fair share of mice and birds). Plus I'm not used to feeding two. I dont want these guys to be overweight, but they have big saggy pockets in front of their hind legs. Is this normal for female cats, I'm thinking because this is where they would carry kittens? (my old cat was a male). One I know isnt overweight but I'm not sure about the other (they're sisters). I truly think the smaller one eats more than the bigger one too, she's naturally really little I guess. Also, the little one is super active and agile, and can even climb our closet doors, but the bigger one cant. Any advice on feeding guidelines would be appreciated.
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I have done 50/50 as it was better for them and my budget....

say you have a cat who eats the 1/2 cup recommended on the bag if you go 50/50 you would give 3 oz canned with 1/4 cup dry
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Kitties, not kangaroos, the pooch is definitely fat.
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I know for sure one is not fat...shes skinny if anything and she still has the little pouch. The other one has a meatier build and also has the pouch. My old cat was fat and it was pretty obvious, in the face and everything. These guys dont look fat at all except for their little pouches that they've had since I brought them home from the shelter. They run around but are relatively limited since we live in an apartment. Guess I'll have to go to my vet for this one to make sure.
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Most cats seem to end up with the hanging skin on their bellies.. it doesn't mean they are fat. It's just extra skin. It can be one of the first places they start gathering fat, though, so it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on it.
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