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What kind of clipper to use?

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Hi! Can anyone recommend a clipper? I have a Himalayan, Suki, and I'd like to trim her belly fur & around her butt to help her stay matt free. None of the ones I've seen state whether they are safe for cat fur. Thanks!
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With clippers, you should get them at a pet supply store. If you buy the cheap ones, they usually dont do the job right, and they tend to pull the hair. I would also get a pair with the guard attachments. This way, you can choose the level you would like the hair, and you dont have to worry about nicking them.
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Sandie, Thank you for your quick reply. I will look for that type of clipper. I guess I have to experiment a bit to find the right guard. I just don't want to freak Suki out. She's been groomed professionally before, but groomers in NYC don't want to give up there secrets! (can't blame them!) I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
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Hope I haven't missed the boat on this one! I would recommend looking at clippers meant for professional use (pets, not humans). Oster is a good brand, and very reliable, but my personal preference (as a professional groomer) is for the Andis brand. I find the clippers are more quiet, lighter and less cumbersome than Oster. And the fact that they don't have air vents on the sides mean you don't blow hair all over the place. But that's an issue I KNOW is very highly contested between groomers! You'll find each groomer is 'addicted' to one brand of clipper! And if all you want to do is trim the hair around her rear and belly, the #10 blade that most clippers come with will be fine.

Good luck!
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Which model numbers are better in Oster and Andis though. They both have clippers ranging from 20.00 to 300.00+ which ones are the good ones? I am looking at the andis one speed for 99.99 from revival. Is this a good set? It is described as AG detachable plus Sinle speed. Then there is the AG2 super 2 speed it is 107.95. Is it better? They also have aa andis animal home clipper kit fo 53.95 it says it is heavy duty deluxe kit. Why is it only 50 bucks and why is it not as good?
Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this subject.
Denise Russell
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It all depends on what you want to do... If all you want to do is very simple clipping (clearing the genital area and anal region for example), or very straighforward jobs, the simpler clippers are probably sufficient. I have little experience with the Oster clippers. I've used the A5 with success, but I'm more comfortable with the Andis brand. I have a single-speed clipper, which does a very good job with most things, but for very heavy coats and heavy mats, my 2-speed clipper is better. It would help if you could tell me what you want to do... different jobs need different clippers!
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I want to do an all over shave on a couple of cats and a belly shave and arm pit area on a couple others. I opted for the Andis 2 speed set from revival for 110.00. I think they will do good for me.
Denise Russell
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That's a good choice. It's probably more power than you'll need, but it doesn't hurt to have it available! Word to the wise, though. If you can, try to limit the amount of time you use the blades on the high setting, as they get hotter faster, and you run a bigger risk of causing clipper burns...
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