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Homecare Cleaning Lady (update)

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I did it!

Her boss called me a little while ago and I told her everything that has been going on.

She is going to reassign me to someone else in the new year! The girl was scheduled to come on the 18th again. I have asked that the day be cancelled and I'll make do with whatever cleaning I can manage to get done on my own until they can reassign me.

Judging by the sighs and tone of the woman's voice, she's heard it all before! She was particularly interested in the facts about the point blank asking for money in a card and other clients being discussed.

Her response when I told her that the girl can't work and talk at the same time was "Ohhhh reeaaallyy?"

I went on to say that all she has to do is vacuum one 5x8 area rug and the rest of the tile or hardwood floors in my 1 bedroom apartment, mop the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom floors and spot mop the hardwood ones, clean the bathroom and windex 3 glass tables and she's here for no less than 1.5 hours, and sometimes she is here for about 1 hour 45 minutes and running out the door having left things like my tub or area rug not cleaned. And that last Tuesday I pretty much ignored her and didn't give her the chance to stand around talking, and she was finished in less than 1 hour.

I have also asked that she not mention my name and that she make it sound like it was more than one complaint. And she is not going to tell the reason why I have cancelled my next cleaning day.

She told me that homecare is supposed to be a pleasant experience, not something that makes the client feel dred and despair over having.

I feel mixed feelings. On one hand I'm glad that I no longer have to deal with the girl anymore. On the other hand I feel badly that I have had to speak to her supervisor about everything. I know she isn't going to lose her job though. Homecare is unionized and you have to do something pretty bad before you get fired from there. So they will just keep bouncing her around from client to client as needed. I guess everyone has to take their turn with her
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I am glad you are getting your situation with her sorted anyway! Hopefully the next person who she gets won't mind her too much!
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I feel such relief! I kept hoping that the situation would resolve itself and that she would change her ways, but I finally realized that some people just have no clue and that I helped to set a precident for her behaviour during the first few times she was here by thinking she was just having a bad day and needed to vent. By the time I came to the realization that everyday is a bad day with her, the precident was set and the only out was to say something to her directly, or to "grin and bear it" because I didn't want to get her into trouble with her boss and she is also the confrontational type and since I've been off work I avoid confrontation and discourd like the plague.

But all grinning and bearing it did was give her the ok to keep it up and over time it actually got worse and worse to the point it was affecting me physically as well as mentally. My stress levels have been through the roof and she was only adding to it.

I finally reached a breaking point, and thanks to posting here and seeing that it wasn't just me who saw a problem, it helped me come to the realization that I had no other choice but to speak to her boss if I wanted to avoid confrontation with the girl directly, because until I did that, nothing would change.

So big hugs to everyone who has listened to me gripe about her, and gave their input about the situation. It sure helped give me moral support to speak to her boss
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I just got a call from homecare. They have told the girl that she will no longer be coming to my home because there was a change in my care plan.

They also have a new girl who will be coming here starting on the 18th of this month! She is a cat lover, her other clients have given her nothing but praise and apparently she has the ability to work and talk at the same time!

I can't even begin to convey what a weight that has been lifted off of me.
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This person sounds a whole lot better!!! I hope she wrks out for you.
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I'm so glad you got that sorted out, Linda, and I can only imagine what a weight it lifts off you. It sounds as if it's really working out well. Don't forget to tell us how the new girl works out!
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Great to hear, Linda! It really sounds like you have been taking big steps so that you can have a great new year ahead
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YAY! I'm happy to hear that the situtation is resolved! You certainly don't need all that added stress...

And a new girl who's a cat lover! How lucky can you get! You two should get along just great!

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Ooooo!! I'm so glad to hear that things are sounding good and that crazy old bat isn't going to come to your house any more.

That stinks that its unionized. That manager could have a list 10 years long against this woman and the union would still stick up for her.
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That's great that you were able to rectify the situation. The kind of behavior she was displaying was completely unprofessional!
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