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What breed-type is this

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I would say the breed-type of maine coon, but there is no ruff. Can maine coons be maine coons without the ruff. If not maine coons they are quite exceptional moggies with their SUPER bushy tails. What do you think.

The yellow cat is not a pure bred maine coon either, he is about 3/4 maine coon but does not have a super bushy tail. Can you give opinions of the calico and brown? Can maine coons be maine coons without the ruff? I also ask because someone was trying to sell thier pure bred 6 month old female maine coon,and she did not have ruff yet.


Photo of yellow tabby maine coon:


Photos of the bushy tailed crew:

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Your pictures did not post and the links keep crashing my browser.

The ruff appears on mature cats, so a 6 month old could be a Maine Coon without the ruff. However, a cat cannot be a Maine Coon without papers, so unless you have a pedigree or registration certificate, you just have a Domestic Long-hair that looks like a Maine Coon. I'd love to see Tia, is there any way you can get the pictures to post?

Finally, Yellow = Cream
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Thanks. That's why I said maine coon-'type' and breed- 'type' I know they are not pedigreed, but I would like to know what the two [calico and brown] resemble. thanks

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Pics are still crashing my browser. Is there anyway you can upload them to photobucket?
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All your kitties are pretty and handsome

They all seem to have a good chance of MC in the background, but unless you have proof, they are just mixed breed LH's.

Even in pedigree MC's you will see variations on how bushy the tails/ruffs are - most due to age differences. MC's can take till 3-4 yrs old to fully develop. And certain colors tend to have heavier/bushier coats then others.
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Thanks calvin is my talker, 'sounds like pebbles from the flinstones, Isis is just a beauty, and daphne has bicolor eyes and is polydactyl.
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You REALLY should try a show or two with your odd-eye calico! I'm sure she would win a few nice ribbons for you. I owned an odd-eye bicolor (black/white) - she rarely missed a final and got many Best Household Pet awards
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