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TurboTax question

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Just a question:

How many of you have filed online with TurboTax?

My husband has a friend who uses it and said it works well. I'd like to try it, its much cheaper than H&R Block. And although I like them, I'd like to try out the Turbo Tax this year.

Any thoughts?
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Yes, I used Turbo Tax last year for the first time and I was impressed. They ask you questions as you go and give you tips as to what you do and don't have to claim. My refund was bigger than I had planned thanks to some items I didn't know I could claim. You can save your input and keep going back and adding to it until you're ready to file and you don't pay them until you actually file. Afterward, you print out a copy of your whole return, Federal and State, if you've used them to file both. For your signature, they ask you what your gross income was for either last year or two years ago - something no one else would know.

I'm planning to use them again this year.
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Great! Thanks, I think we'll give them a try!
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I also used Turbo Tax for the first time last year, and thought it was great. I'm using it again this year. You can start the form and it saves everything so you can log on as many times as needed and work on it, until you're ready to file. Simple to use I thought, and I also got a bigger return than I would have if I didn't use it - things I was able to claim that I never knew about. Print copies at the end and you're all set. There is a good help section to, and many ways to contact someone if you need help.

Good luck!
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This is the second year, that I've used TurboTax and I'm a computer dummy. If I can do it, anyone can!
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You all have been a big help. We are for sure going to give it shot. Our return is a bit complicated since I have my own business, but its straight forward and I'm sure I can figure it out! Thanks everyone for replying!
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Good luck!
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